What’s a treasure hunt without some pirates involved? Probably nothing – at least that’s what Zynga appears to be thinking since they’re now allowing us to build our own Pirate Ship in Treasure Isle. Read everything about this new ship you’ll have near your island and learn everything about it.

First of all – what is the Pirate Ship? As you can imagine, there’s more than just the amazing decorative effect this new ship has: using it, you can enter the Pirate’s Cove IV – Pirate’s Barricade, available on the fourth page of the Pirate’s Cove. And there are tons of treasures to be found there!

How can you build your Pirate Ship in Treasure Isle?

You must first purchase the frame for 1,000 coins from the market – or be lucky like I was and become a Treasure Isle VIP and get it for free!

Now, once you have the Pirate Ship frame, you must place it somewhere on the water, near your island and use some energy to build it. Here are the four steps you must first take:

Hammer Hull – 5 Energy
Rig Rigging – 5 Energy
Batten Hatches – 5 Energy
Scrub Decks – 5 Energy

The next step is a bit more difficult: you’ll have to collect some ship materials, as it happened in other Zynga games. You will need the following items which can be received as gifts from friends:

5 Ship Nails
5 Planks
5 Nautical Ropes
5 Sailcloths
5 Buckets of Paint

After that, you can simply finish building your pirate ship and head over to the Pirate’s Cove IV and grab all the cool treasure there!