online casinos

Online casinos in the United States have not always been legal. In fact, there was a time when land-based casinos were not legal. However, times have changed and the world of online gambling is growing at an almost exponential rate. In fact, it’s thought that the gambling industry should have made approximately $93 billion dollars by 2023. 

Many people choose to log into online casinos to play live dealer blackjack, spin a few slots, and try their hand at poker. But exactly which states are online casinos now legal in? Let’s take a look:


Connecticut is home to a few legal online casinos. Players in this part of the world have a chance to play online via their computer and their mobile device. This ensures that they can place a bet as and when they please.


All types of internet wagering apart from online sports betting are legal in Delaware. However, this state was the second state to make online casino gambling legal.


It wasn’t until 2019 that Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed her name on the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. Since then, the state has become a major player in the world of online casinos. Did you know that players in this part of the world can also bet on fantasy sports?

New Jersey

Back in 2013, New Jersey was the very first state to allow online casinos to operate. These days, there are so many online casinos in NJ that it can be hard to choose which one to sign up to. People in New Jersey can also bet on horse racing, poker, and a range of sports, should they wish to. New Jersey really does seem to offer it all.


Online Casinos have become hugely popular in Pennsylvania. They allow the same types of betting that you can find in New Jersey. This can only be a good thing as it means players can bet on a wide variety of games and sports.

The Future of Online Casinos

It’s very likely that Indiana will introduce online casinos at some point very soon. The state recently introduced iGaming bills which could soon see online casinos opening up. Should the bills pass, they could prove to be very lucrative for Indiana online casinos and those who run them.

Illinois is also a state that could soon open up a few online casinos. However, it is unlikely to happen in 2022. However, it looks as though some land-based casinos will need to spring up first as they seem to take priority over online casinos. This seems to be the case in Illinois, anyway.

The future could be bright for online casinos as more and more states look to legalize online gambling. With this past time gaining more and more popularity, it makes sense for lawmakers all over the country to seriously consider opening up online casinos. Players can have a great time as and when they please while also helping to boost local economies. Everyone’s a winner.