Sports Games

With so many sports and games out there, knowing the best ones to play may seem difficult. However, playing these sports games differs significantly from the sports you wager on. If you are curious about sports betting, click here to read an article that will give you more information.

The following is a list of the best sports games to play in 2023, as compiled by us in this article.Let’s get started!

Football Manager 2023

Football Manager differs from other games on this list as it deals mainly with managing football clubs. And the Football Manager 2023 version makes management very realistic. And it does this by putting players in real-life situations so they can make standard management decisions.

Coupled with this, this year’s FM comes with a new feature called squad planners. Thus, players get to have more control over their squads. The FM 2023 also makes it possible for gamers to replay as much as they wish to.

FIFA 23                           

One top-rated sports game that gets a rebrand every year is FIFA. And the most recent update comes with a new option for selecting either gender’s team.

Moreover, with the new HyperMotion2 tech, this sports game gets a more refreshing and realistic look. And as such, the immersive experience players enjoy only gets better.

Furthermore, FIFA 23 comes in two variants for the PS5; Standard and Ultimate. These two variants offer a FUT Ambassador loan player pick and a career mode. But the ultimate version debuts with features like 4600 FIFA points and the FIFA World Cup FUT Hero, among others.

WWE 2k23

With the WWE 2k23, 2K Games provides a more exciting opportunity for players to enjoy a wrestling game like no other. The game feels much more fascinating, from the visual graphics to the perfect depiction of superstar characters. And when comparing this year’s version to those of previous years, it is evident which one takes the crown.

Moving forward, the WWE 2k23 provides players with new features, such as more recent additions to wrestlers’ attires, combo moves, and even more exciting game modes. Now, gamers can choose any mode they wish to play, from MyGM to Universe Mode to MyRISE to Showcase Mode.

In addition, another significant new feature that takes the spotlight in this year’s version is War Games. Although this may not be considered a game mode, it packs as much punch as the others. War Games combines various superstar characters to make up a match-type that is full of surprises which thus gives unique results each time gamers play.

Overall, the WWE 2k23 is a significant improvement over the previous installment. And there are lots of features to keep everyone playing.

NBA 2k23

This is achieved by the retro recreation of the different eras of basketball called the MyNBA eras. And if you wish to become a GM or commissioner in the league, then you can go for The NBA 2k23, considered by many to be the best sports game of the year, and it is only fitting, especially for PS5 players.

The gameplay features a more realistic approach to basketball in this most recent update, like a better attack off the dribble. Together with this, the NBA 2k23 also allows you to pit the present renowned players against legends in the MyLeague mode.

Also, for as many that prefer building their player up from scratch, both on and off the court, the MyCareer mode is available. While many gamers called the previous year’s version the best, we’re pretty sure their opinion would change after a trial of this year’s.

Madden NFL 23

The Madden NFL 23 brings with it a new feature called FieldSENSE Gameplay Systems which gives it more realism. Integrated into the game are mechanics and cameras focused on the player to make sure you have a closer view of the action. Also, the game graphics received significant changes compared to previous years.

Additionally, the different Madden NFL 23 editions give a choice of two renowned players, one Madden strategy item, and all the Madden gear. The game also allows players to manage their teams in management mode.