The Role Of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO is a powerful tool that can help your website gain a lot of traction and recognition it is rightful field. It has become a huge part of digital marketing and modern marketing in general, now every business is interested and invested in improving its SEO in order to gain more customers or engagement from their customers.

As SEO is made up of various different elements, some of these play a huge role in the digital marketing world. Below are the key similarities between the two and how they work in unison to increase business potential.

Increasing Visibility

As the most important function of SEO is increasing your sites visibility, this in turn works in favour of digital marketing goals too. As digital marketing aims to inform and persuade customers to visit locations, both physically and virtually SEO makes it much easier. The visibility of your site is directly related to the ranking on search engines, so the better your SEO the more likely customers will choose your site over others.

This is really important, especially when you consider that the average person does not look past the first page of the search engine results. It is a certainty that most people would hope to find the answer to their search in the first page. This means that your SEO key words and meta descriptions need to be in great shape so you can boost yourself up the search engine results with ease.

Web Traffic

Increasing traffic to your site is a main goal of any digital marketing campaign, that and increasing social media following and engagement. SEO allows you to experience an increase in traffic on your site with ease. You must have a soild SEO campaign in place that has been well thought out to get the best results. This can be done either in house usually by the marketing team, or through an external company. Web traffic is very important for most stores and businesses now to ensure a healthy cash flow and to increase your position on the search engine page. You can head over to for more details.


To be a trustworthy and recognised business is always a massive part of good marketing campaigns. Every business should want to be thought of as high quality and relevant, especially online. SEO can help improve this tenfold through increasing the ease of getting to your site and how high it ranks on search engines. There are many sites that can gain traction, but they will not have the same authenticity and authority without a good SEO campaign and visibility on search engines. The better feeling of trust and recognition you can evoke in your audience the better brand you will become. This is a really important part of digital marketing that works well in unison with SEO.

Increased User Experience 

Through adopting a SEO based marketing campaign you will naturally have to step up your content on your site. This in turn will create a much better user experience when customers visit your site. You have to have a much higher quality of content that is relevant and interesting to ensure that your keywords are recognised for SEO marketing. The easier your site is for the users, the better experience they will have. This means integrating your social media pages, extended content, offering review sections or comments to engage with your audience better. Similarly, you should ensure that all versions of your site are up to scratch and can be used on any mobile, tablet or computer with ease.

Growth Strategy

As with digital marketing, SEO has a main strategic aim your business, growth. This means that they both work in unison to help increase the growth of your brand, sales or retention rates, whatever strategy you are focusing on. SEO will definitely help you to achieve those growth goals and in turn make your website as a whole look and work a lot better. It gives you the ability to draw a lot of people to your site with ease and that can only increase your reputation and hopefully sales.


SEO plays a vital part in modern digital marketing, it is an important practise that can greatly improve your businesses branding and general interest. Like with any business, as it grows the overall cost and input levels to SEO need to increase to adhere to the level of customers you hope to attract.

This can end up meaning that you will need a hefty budget, or you may decide to get a professional on the team full time. This would be in addition to a marketing team, although they would work very closely together to ensure that the best possible results are experienced in house.