The trading strategy Options Sniper for binary options was created by a group of professional traders from the USA. The trading system shows remarkable results since the beginning of 2017. The essence of the strategy is to trade on the main trend of the indicators used.

Even a beginner trader can quickly and easily deal with this simple and intuitive trading system. Having studied this article, you will learn all the secrets of trading and will understand for yourself how to make deals on the market of digital contracts efficiently and effectively. Today we will consider this amazing system and will give you useful tips to increase your income.

What is binary snipers?

This trading scheme was developed by professionals, and therefore works on the basis of the best indicators for technical analysis of the BO market. We have realized that the indicators used in this methodology refer to one and the best, because the inputs are clearly and unambiguously displayed on the asset charts in the company’s terminal.

Open the chart on M5 time interval. We recommend setting the expiry time at 30 minutes, for maximum efficiency of the trading system. The essence of the used indicators located at the bottom of the MT5 trading platform is to identify more suitable moments for entering a binary transaction.

This trading method works perfectly on any trading assets, which allows active traders to derive income from any situation on the exchange. So how do you trade with this strategy? How effective is it and how much profit can it bring?

Trading scheme indicators: SHMA, Sniper, Sniper_Trend_A, Sniper_Trend_B on FinmaxBO . We leave all parameters as standard.

Trading assets: currencies, shares, commodities, stock indices, cryptov currencies and other assets.


Buying a CALL deal

Wait until the following 4 entry items are displayed:

  1. The three-way indicator has turned blue;
  2. The Sniper_Trend A top bar oscillator has turned blue;
  3. The lower oscillator of Sniper_Trend B has become blue;
  4. A blue upward arrow appears.

As soon as these 3 factors appear, you can enter into a CALL deal to increase.

Buy PUT deal

You should wait for 4 opposite signals from the indicators:

  1. The three-way Sniper indicator is red;
  2. The upper oscillator drawing bars have turned red;
  3. The lower indicator located in a separate window also started drawing red bars;
  4. A red downward arrow appeared in the price chart.

As these conditions coincided, make a PUT deal and earn on the fall of the price. If you make a successful trade, the broker will reward you with a 75-90% premium, which will be paid to you at the time the option expires.


Trading with the option sniper strategy is still associated with certain risks, as from time to time, any investor is confronted with force majeure situations that can lead to the loss of some funds. There is no need to bet more than 4% of your capital on a trading account per transaction.

Even if you have 2-3 losing trades in a row, they will quickly pay off with subsequent successful binary options. Sometimes, on strong price movements there are a series of unsuccessful positions, which is quite normal, because any stock investor from time to time concludes unsuccessful binary contracts is part of the job.


The trading system was tested by our stock speculator on historical data of 20 currency pairs. Trading according to this strategy brings a significant income when trading digital contracts. As it turned out, more than 88.9% of binary options are plus and this is a really fantastic indicator that allows profitable speculation on the stock exchange.

The accuracy of signals from the trading scheme is the highest during daytime, as the increased volatility generates more good trading recommendations. If a trend appears, it will continue with a probability of 70-80%, which will bring you the desired income. At night time profitable trades are less, as the number of sharp bursts is much smaller.


We think you liked this binary options trading strategy, as it is very effective and not so important, you are just starting to trade or speculate for quite a long time in other financial markets or assets. For reliability, we recommend you to test your tactics on demo accounts first and only then move on to real money trading.

Leave your comments, share your experience with other people, click on social keys or just share the link with novice traders. You will need knowledge, experience, perseverance and in time you will become a professional.