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When playing at their favorite casino, players always love to believe that the odds are in their favor. What would the point of gambling be if players didn’t believe that they had an actual shot at taking home the millions? There really wouldn’t be any. Lucky for you, making sense of basic casino odds does not require a mathematician and can be done with relative ease by players who have the know-how. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about casino odds before you play at your favorite Casino.

What Are Casino Odds

Most players like the idea of good odds but don’t actually know what exactly odds are. Essentially, odds are the likely hood of an event happening. So by calculating your odds you are attempting to determine how likely you are to win any given round of your chosen game. It is not difficult to see why this skill could prove handy, especially in an environment where there is money, sometimes large amounts of it, on the line.

When gambling a large factor in determining a player’s odds is the Casino and games Return to Player Rate or RTP. The Return to Player Rate is an average percentage of a players wager that they are expected to get back hen playing any given Casino game. For example, if a player was to wager and the RTP of the slot is 98%, then the player can expect to receive, on average, $98 for every $100. This is a pretty basic concept to grasp but players must bear in mind that this is the game’s overall Return to Player rate and it does not guarantee that any specific player will see that kind of return.

While it is no secret that Casinos generally have the upper hand, one thing that players do have on their side is variance. Variance refers to the completely random outcomes that are possible on any casino game. It is the thing that allows a lucky few players to make minimum bets and walk away with maximum rewards. It is a pity that the random nature of variance means that it cannot be predicted or calculated.

How To Work out if The Odds Are In Your Favor

Now that you know what odds are, it is time to learn how to work them out. Working out your odds at a casino is no walk in the park. While traditional odds are worked out quite easily by

Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to work out your odds. In fact, there are three. The three most popular ways for gamblers to calculate odds are a fraction, a percentage, or a decimal. Here is a breakdown of the different ways you can work out your odds when playing your favorite game at the casino:

  • Fractions  – As one of the easiest ways to calculate and determine odds, Fractional odds can easily be used by even the newest of serious gamblers. Fractional odds are determined by comparing the two numbers of the fraction to one another. For example, if your odds  20/1, you are 20 times more likely to lose than you are to win.
  • Percentage – Percentage odds are calculated using a combination of your fractional odds and simple to understand equation. The equation is as follows Percentage = B / (A+B).
  • Decimal – The last and least common way to work out your odds is with decimals. The only reason that this method is uncommon is that it is only really used with sportsbooks. Like with percentage odds, decimal odd require the use of a simple maths equation that is as follow:  Winnings = (Odds x Stake)

Casino Games With The Best Casino Odds

Not all games are created equal and that is the same when it comes to odds. If players are serious about playing games that offer them great opportunities to win, then it is important that they pick the right game. While games like video slots are notorious for having terrible odds there are a couple of games that players can play that have earned themselves great reputations, Let’s have fun with Thunderkick Slots. Here are two games that present players with some of the best odds in the business.


As a game that requires very little skill and understanding from the outset, it is no surprise that this classic table game has some of the best odds in the business. With a win potential of roughly 49%, simplicity is not the only reason that this game has such brilliant odds. Another reason why Blackjack is a great pick for players looking for great odd is the 0.5 casino edge offered at most casinos. While every table may differ, for the most part, players can expect a great set of odds when they sit down at any Blackjack table.


Much like the first game, the second game that offers players great odds is also one of gambling old school classics. Loved by many, and understood by very few, this very easy to play game offers players some of the best odds on offer. With a magnificent win percentage of close to 50%, the Roulette table is one table that players should always take a turn past.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

When it comes to odds and casinos, things can get a little bit complicated. With so many different variables it plays, it can be hard to do the math on your own. Unless you are a hardcore gambler, our best advice would be to leave the odds calculations up to the pros and simply play the games you love and have a great time. Alternatively, if you are still concerned about playing a game that has favorable odds, you will never go wrong at a Roulette or Blackjack table.