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You do not have to deny it. Sometimes, waiting for your friends would take so much of your time and it will make you bored too. But, are you looking for something to spice up the moment while you are waiting for your friends? Something to keep you busy to ease your boredom? No worries, has been here, listening to your demands and requests because in, we got you covered.

WHAT IS GIDD.IO? is an online gaming platform that is free and available to all netizens. It offers various games that will surely fit your taste!

Your online game room is You select the games you wish to play and the players in your own gaming space. You won’t have to leave the platform to play different games with your pals thanks to our user-friendly layout. No matter where you are on the earth, the nicest part about it is that you may play in mobile and desktop browser modes. prioritizes your convenience that is why they have made these games available online. From this given platform, you can access it wherever you are, whenever you want. 

Online Small Games You Can Play on


Are you a person who’s very fond of economics? If yes, then, Capitalista might be the best game for you! Our online equivalent of the monopoly board game is called Capitalista. To eliminate your rivals and teammates from the game, you must grow to be the largest monopolist there is.

Guess Drawing

Who is unaware of it? The other players must guess what is drawn once someone draws it. Guess Drawing is this. Start sketching with your favorite word lists! with a huge selection of languages and categories. With Guess Drawing, there are many things to discover.

Crazy Eights

The +4 card and other amazing features were added to the traditional card game. has certain game concepts that are comparable to those of the well-known card game UNO. You can alter the game to suit your preferences or try out some new features. 


GeoClash is the perfect filler for a laid-back evening because it is an informative competitive game for up to 20 players. Play around with several game types and set up your game any way you like. Your goal in GeoClash is to click on a location on a globe map that is as near to the street view location as you can.


A simple social deduction game is a werewolf. The method requires the villagers to triumph over the werewolves. But take care! The werewolves coexist with the people throughout the day. Can you tell a lie when you hear one? Attempt it.


Play this traditional dice game. You can roll five dice, and aggregate the results after three rolls. Will you be able to complete the result sheet and surpass your teammates in points? 


You must discover a term for each category that begins with the letter after a word is randomly chosen from the alphabet. More points are awarded to the one who discovers new terms. The game categories and start and end times are up to you.


With this variety of games, I am pretty sure that will have you in awe as they would be able to give you the best gaming experience you’ll ever witness in this gaming world. Sound like your boredom has eased, hmm? For more information about these games, you may visit and try these games on your own too. We hope to see you there!