Everything You Need to Know to Play Path of Exile

If you are going to plunge into the world of this game, you may not understand a huge number of things. The gameplay is so varied that if you learn how to control it, you can say that you will master a special kind of art. That is why you should not expect that from the very beginning you will be able to establish yourself as a professional player. To master at least an intermediate level, you have to spend many hours getting acquainted with all aspects of the game.

When you first enter the game, you will immediately see a huge number of incomprehensible terms, numbers, and other things. To deal with all this, we wrote this post to become a helping hand for you.

Choose one of the character classes

To start your journey in the game world, you need to choose a class to which your character will belong. Do not assume that your choice will decide anything since you can give him special skills that you see fit.

You will be able to make a player who will later face a huge number of rivals and obstacles on the way to success. One of these obstacles will be the passage of the Atlas, for which you will need a PoE Atlas boost, thanks to which you will receive valuable loot.

However, first, you need to choose one of the seven classes. You can become a Savage, Gladiator, Huntress, Bandit, Witch, Priest, or Noblewoman. After you make your choice, you can develop your characters, endow them with special behaviors that you would like to see in your hero. However, do not rush to do unusual things with your heroes before you figure out how to play further.

Equipment and skills

One of the advantages of the game is that in terms of developing your character, you are free to act. You can choose any skills and abilities that you want to develop, regardless of belonging to any class. But there is a skill tree in the game, which shows all passive skills and attributes bonuses. The development of each of the classes starts from different places in this tree, which gives access to certain skills.

The equipment that your character will have plays a special role. It can strengthen a certain branch on the skill tree. Also, you will need to take care to develop the skills of attack, defense, and healing. This is important because, in the absence of such skills, you will not be able to win the battles.

How to survive as a beginner

Active and passive skills. During the game, do not rush to fill the slots only with active skills. This solution may not be the most reasonable. The number of slots is limited and therefore it is necessary to carefully consider which skills to choose.

You can also add passive skills that you have, which, when combined with any active skill, can give your hero special strength and the ability to do more damage to his opponents. Active skills cannot form a link with each other, so try to slot one active skill and two passive skills to get the most benefit.

Use elemental resistance. During the fights, you can see how some of your opponents can use not only physical strength to defeat you but also their witchcraft skills. If your equipment only protects you from physical attacks, then only one elemental strike will be able to defeat you.

That is why you should not forget about this possibility. During the game, you will be able to find various items that will be able to increase the percentage of resistance. However, finding such items can be very difficult. You won’t be able to achieve 100% elemental resistance, but you can at least achieve 75%.

Health level. Of course, we must not forget that you need to constantly worry about the level of health of the character, and also not to miss the opportunity to raise the level. You can also pay attention to the energy shield, which also saves your hero’s health. Other than that, you can use high-level health flasks. Until you reach level 70 in the game, your hero’s health level will depend entirely on these flasks.

Item efficiency. In the game, you will collect a huge number of items that you may need in battles. However, some items are highly effective and useful, while others have minor stats. To find out how important and useful this or that item is, you can look at the skill bar, where you can see the damage dealt per second by this item.

Skills and damage. Each skill your hero has deals a certain type of damage. You must know your skills well to understand what aspects need to be improved. Your skills can improve your melee attack or hit specific areas and so on.

Equipment. If you find equipment, then take exactly what will best fit into your archetype, suit your active skill, or build. Take also all vials. If there are weak ones among them, then it doesn’t matter: after collecting a certain number of weak vials, they can be exchanged for a stronger one. Collect all currency and spheres. It is desirable in the beginning not to spend it at all. Take any items that have more connections than yours. It doesn’t matter if they suit your class or not, they will still be useful to you.


It can be difficult for a novice player to navigate what is happening, what to pay attention to, and what aspects of the game are of paramount importance. This post will give you a better understanding of what’s going on and give you the boost and motivation you need to play.