kitchen sink

Since the times when hygiene became a normal part of a daily routine for most people, we felt the necessity to choose wash basins that are both comfortable for use and beautiful. It is a more complicated task than it can seem. Most producers offer standard humdrum options, and fewer companies propose unique sinks for sale. You need to know the basic characteristics of luxury washstands to find an ideal one for your bathroom. Let’s get down to brass tacks.


The first thing you need to verify is the type of sink you need.There is a wide range of models:

  • Vessel sink. They are installed on some surfaces of bathroom furniture. Today, they are very popular for modern designer spaces.
  • Wall-mounted. The name speaks volumes. This model can help you to save a lot of space in a small bathroom.
  • Integral. Such type of sink demands a well-carved hole for installation. Customers notify that they are very convenient to use.
  • Multi-bowled. If you have a big family or want to separate space for “him” and “her” in the bathroom, a multi-bowl sink is a perfect idea.
  • Customized. Unique bathrooms require specific stuff. On the website of AquaticaUSA or at their showroom in Miami, you can order the model that will suit your bathroom perfectly.

All models can be made of various materials and in different colors.


The variety of raw stuff for washbasins is great: from marble and wood to synthetic stone and glass. You can choose any, but remember that the material of the sink must be safe for your health and matched to the design of the bathroom. Aquatica proposes only the best materials for their products.


You may think that there are few options of possible forms of washbasins. We will surprise by their variety. From oval and round to triangle and niggled ­ all shapes are possible for ordering.

Think deeply before deciding what to order and choose a reliable manufacturer as Aquatica is.

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