A group of shooters posing together.

It’s crazy how many games come out each year. The big companies can’t seem to stop making sequels after sequels, continuing the beloved series. Since not that long ago, gamers now also have a new kind of game-the live-service ones. It’s the kind of game that gets updated by the developers through seasonal content, expansions, and whatnot. At first, this was the method applied to MMORPG games, but these days, more genres adopt such a structure:

  • MMO looter-shooters like Warframe, Destiny 2, The Division, etc.
  • Battle Royale games like Warzone, PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc.
  • primarily the Call of Duty franchise, as well as the most recent Battlefield installment

It is now more difficult to stay up to date with all of these titles and the updates they receive.

Now, get this-a huge number of gamers are people with jobs, families, and a heap of other responsibilities. There’s no way they can keep up with their favorite online games. And the problem with these games is that if you don’t spend enough time playing them, your character becomes weaker, and so you can no longer enjoy the content that everyone else is enjoying. This is even worse in PvP multiplayer games like Battle Royale. In those games, if you take a break and then come back after a while, not only did you lose your own skill, but everyone else has gotten better. So, today, we’re going to talk about how you can remedy this situation.

Is Everyone Really That Good At Warzone?

If we take a look at Warzone stats, we’ll see that not a lot of people actually have a decent win rate. It’s incredibly difficult to be the last squad or solo player standing. Sure, you could blame the game and the poor mechanics, unbalanced guns, etc. But let’s face it — Battle Royales are very difficult. It takes a lot of practice and a solid understanding of in-game mechanics to be able to win more consistently. And even then, a lot depends on luck. There are other contributing factors, such as teammates, access to blueprints, and even the last circle location. Some of these things, especially the last factor, are random.

That’s why if you really dig deep into the warzone stat tracker, you’ll find that most players have average skill at best. It’s just that we often see more skilled players on Youtube or Twitch, and our brain automatically thinks that this is how most players play the game. It’s not.

Of course, you could make a different argument-why should wins even matter? Surely, the game is fun enough if you just play it. While it may be fun for a while, the more you play, the harder it gets to enjoy it without winning. Every time you’re getting killed, it affects your mood, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. So, you can’t go for too long without getting a single win in Warzone. Eventually, every gamer starts doubting themselves instead of having fun the same way they did in the beginning.

It’s Kill of Be Killed Out There

With all of that said, what do people like us want most of all? We want to boot up our favorite game after work and spend some time having fun. That’s the gist of it, right? But we already know that the fun factor starts to disappear the more we die. Especially if we have to play with random teammates. You can’t really communicate with them because you never know what kind of character will join your squad. Maybe they’ll be too toxic, maybe too quiet. Whatever it is, it’s very rare that you get teammates that you can vibe with while playing.

Things are even worse when you want to get better at the game so that you can win more games and possibly even carry your teammates. There ain’t no way you can find real game PROs and ask them to coach you. First of all, they’re hard to come by. Second of all, most more or less skilled players are toxic snowflakes with a God complex who think too highly of themselves. What choice are you left with?

Well, there are companies such as Legionfarm that offer coaching services to players. What they do is they put you and any number of real professional players together, so that you can play with them and learn from them. They have all kinds of personal training courses, with customizable schedules that are tailored to your own skills and preferences. We’re talking about an A-grade legion coaching service that’s very close to top-tier personal workout sessions. only for video games.

You Make The Rules

Just think about how many issues this solves at the same time. Do you struggle with finding teammates? Solved. It’s when the PRO play games with their clients. As a client, you have several options. You can tell your PRO teammates:

  1. I want to play casually, have fun and enjoy my time in the game.
  2. I want to get as many wins as possible, so it looks good on my profile.
  3. I want to get better at the game, so I’d like you to show me some cool tricks you can do in the game and help me improve my aim.
  4. I need to unlock a certain gun/blueprint, so I want you to set up kills for me, so I can easily get them myself.

These are just a few options; there are way more available. The game PROs can be used for any personal in-game goal because the results are always guaranteed.

Of course, the highlight of these services is coaching. If you’ve ever wondered how to get better at Warzone, it isn’t by watching guides on YouTube. What you need is a coach who can give you live feedback and help you develop your own skills. Every player has a specialty. Maybe you prefer fighting at a long distance. Maybe you prefer the thrill of CQB. Either way, these guys will be able to spot your strengths and weaknesses and help you work on them.

Next thing you know, you’re playing alongside your coach in a real tournament. Because this is actually a thing that can happen!

How Does It Work?

Whether you’re looking for a video game coach or just playing a few matches with teammates you can rely on, the system is pretty simple. All you have to do is register on their website, top up your wallet, and you’re ready to go.

On their website’s home page, they have this Warzone lobby tracker where you can see all of the sessions with PROs who are currently online. All you need to do is select the lobby you like and join. It’s that simple. Forget the in-built warzone LFG; it never works as intended. From there on out, you do what you want; play, talk about stuff, learn from each other. Remember that these PROs get paid for their services. Thanks to Legion Farms, they can live independently and support their relatives by having this career. This is the perspective that isn’t talked about as often as it should be. So, visit Legionfarm.com and join the family!