Online slot games come in a variety of themes, gameplays, bonuses and prizes, in classic or modern designs. But, probably, the two most common types are normal slots and progressive jackpot slots.

To find out which type of slot machine online game is better, let’s explore what each of these slots have to offer to the player.

The Difference Between Jackpot and Regular Slots

Normal Slots

Normal (a.k.a. non-progressive) slots have a maximum number of coins, also known as payout, that you can win when you make a spin; this set limit cannot be changed or exceeded no matter how much you play, bet on the round, or how many bonuses you win.

In order to have a better chance at winning the slot game, you will have to place a higher wager amount, either through the activation of more paylines in the game or by making the most of the coins’ value. It is up to your own choice how much you want to bet in the slot machine online game, but keep in mind that you will get the same payout regardless of your wager amount.

If the maximum payout limit is set at 200x, then you will always receive 200 times the amount of your wager, regardless if you have bet $2 US or $100 US. Normal slots are also more common on online casino platforms compared to progressive jackpots, so you will have an easier time choosing one you like due to the tremendous variety.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are some slots that feature small jackpot bonuses, but the most sought-after slots are the progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpot slots operate on an opposite payout principle than normal slots, as their jackpot has no set win amount that can grow in real time as you play the game. Each time someone places a wager, the jackpot goes up in value as a certain amount of every player’s bet is attributed to the pot. When someone wins the jackpot, the sum goes back to its initial starting value, and it will increase again the next time people start making bets.

Some progressive jackpots may, at times, have a jackpot prize which is offered by different casinos and are connected amongst each other. Pooled casino games on net have a larger number of active gamblers, which means that win prizes have a chance of reaching millions of dollars.

Another difference is that progressive slots are more expensive than normal slots, so be careful when choosing a jackpot game that promises high wins, as you will, most likely, have to pay a large entry bet.

Your payout when playing progressive jackpots is not determined only by how many coins the slot can offer you. Using your coins to win the jackpot is entirely up to you, as this feature is usually offered separately from the main slot game. Also, the winnings of progressive slots in base game mode greatly differ from the ones normal slot machines offer.

Payouts and Success Rate

There is a chance of winning high amounts when playing both types of slots, but the main difference is how they distribute their payouts. For those of you that are looking to win a sum that you already know is calculated based on how much you bet, then normal slots are better suited for you.

However, those that are after a bigger payout should give progressive jackpots a try. Players should also consider the odds each of these slots have. You have better odds at winning at a normal slot compared to a progressive jackpot slot, but the downside is that you will get lower payouts.

Choosing the Slot Type That Is Best for You

If you are looking for the right slot for you, you should consider your gameplay approach and risk aversion.

Normal slots come with better odds for winning, lower risks and costs compared to progressive slots, but jackpot slots give you the chance of winning a higher payout. There are also many casino games on net that you can choose from, so it all depends on how much you are willing to risk.