vlogging camera

Everybody wants to become a vlogger these days. It’s true for gamers as well. As much as you think vlogging is easy it is not. But with the right equipment, vlogging can become a tad bit easier. It is great if you can get good quality equipment like a good camera, microphone, or a decent laptop for editing your vlogs. How do you choose the best one for you? We are here to help you out with the things you need to look for when buying a camera for vlogging. 

The right camera can elevate your video quality making your vlogs more attractive. After all, it is a video blog and it does require a good quality camera. Vlogging cameras vary from that used for general photography so it becomes important to know what to look for before buying a camera especially for vlogging where you need to shoot crisp videos. 

What to Look for in a Vlogging Camera?

Flip Screen 

If you are looking for a camera for vlogging, it is great if the camera has a flip screen. A flip screen will help you set up your shots well. You can easily see the shot if you are shooting yourself as the subject. A fixed screen makes it difficult to see how you are looking in the shot. With a movable screen, you can turn it outwards to see how everything looks in the frame and make the necessary changes. If the camera has no screen it will make your job really difficult, best to avoid cameras with no LCD screens. 

Ability to Autofocus When Recording   

A good vlogging camera should have the function to autofocus while video recording. You don’t want a video where the subject is out of focus. Many vloggers love to move a lot if your camera cannot change focus it will give you a poor quality video. 

If you are a vlogger who wants to show some of your products, you want the focus on yourself and your products as well. The autofocus feature will help in adjusting the focus without having to do it manually each time. Check for this feature before you make a purchase. 

Jack for External Mic 

Let’s be honest here, many cameras that come with microphones aren’t of much help while vlogging. Some cameras do have great microphones but it is always better to have a jack for an external mic. Sometimes when you need to record sounds that are distant, an external mic will do wonders, especially for ASMR vlogs. 

It can also help you to record sounds that are well synced with your videos and save time on editing and adjusting audio with video. There are several microphones that are high quality and sit right on top of your cameras to give you the perfect audio. 

Weight of the Camera 

You don’t want to have a camera that is difficult to carry around. Though professional cameras can be heavier than regular cameras. Vlogging involves a lot of handheld movements which can be taxing if your camera is heavy. Lightweight cameras will make handling a tripod easy and less painful. 

Videos that are stable look more appealing than videos that are shaky and blurred. The decent weight for vlogging camera should be somewhere around 1.54 lbs that is 700gms. It may seem less but when you have to hold that weight for a long time it will become difficult. 


One of the most important things in today’s time is the battery life of any device we use. A good camera for vlogging should have good battery life. You can’t run out of juice while you are making videos, it is troublesome and irritating. Look for a camera that has good battery life and can run long hours. Of course, you can keep extra batteries handy but note that batteries don’t come cheap. You don’t want to keep changing batteries and spend extra bucks on an already expensive camera. Check the battery life before you buy a camera for vlogging. 


Check for these few but important things like battery, weight, features, and more before you invest in a camera for vlogging. These are essential to a good camera that you will use for creating your vlogs. Vlogging camera should give you the ease of shooting videos. A good vlogging camera should be the one that lets you spend little time on fixing the videos and more time creating videos that are interesting and cinematic.