Playing Cafe World can be really oh so sweet! You will get to unleash your talent in interior designing with its intricate and sometimes expensive items. These would help you create an ambiance in your virtual restaurant that you can never do when it comes to the real world unless you’re an avid fan of the game. So, have you created most of the themes while waiting for the Cashu Ramen or the V.I.P. dinner to be cooked? Well you can now start turning your cafe into something that can tempt Hansel and Gretel in. Renovate your restaurant and turn it into sweet-filled place with all the chocolates, candies, cocoa, and lots more!

These delectable sweets are not just for wall decorations. You can find all sorts of items that would satisfy your cravings for sweets. Instead of gummy bears, there are gummy men that you can display as your guards (or bouncers!) at the cafe. You can also have a chocolate door as well and even tables that look like cookies!

Of course there are two sets for this sugar-rushing decorations. If you want to be more exceptional, then use cash for the more unique designs. There are also the typical ones which can be purchased using coins in the game.