Starting from a humble type of entertainment that was even predicted to fail in the long run, slot machines have definitely walked from unpopular pastime to a niche leader. Back in the days, when slots used to be big machinery taking much space and effort, gamblers already felt that it did not have to always be that way only. Lots of bright engineers puzzled through vicissitudes of life, trying their best to turn slot machines into a compact device that could become ubiquitous. But everything was in vain until the Internet has finally become available for masses – it was truly a turning point for the industry because people understood how to shift physical properties to another form, and that’s the beginning of a different fabulous story. In the 90s the first online casino was launched, and, you know, the world got really mad.

Now no one could possibly get overwhelmed by the fact that slot machines fully moved to online. A slot machine at online casinos is a rudimental element of any gaming library, and since the 90s their number has grown substantially. Modern gamblers can access multitudinous slot machines, of various types, themes, genres, bonuses, features etc. Another great perk that came along with online video machines is free-play mode that was once impossible at land-based venues due to some structural moments. Yet now every gambler can browse an endless deal of slot machines and play them without coins, credits or any other sort of money. There are so many things to slots that it would actually take forever to explore this sea. But today we are going to try to clear the air.

Why People Choose Slots Over Everything

Since casinos offer a vast choice pool – tables, cards, poker etc. – why people nonetheless dart to slot machines, even though there might be more real ways to win? The answer is: slots have a unique format that cannot be found anywhere else. Also people got attracted to big money slots. They have brought completely new features to gambling, and accidentally or purposefully these features correspond to fundamental human psychology. We are no shrinks, but let’s at least give it a try to understand gamblers and their overwhelming desire to play slots.

Choice For Kings

When you get to a land-based casino hall and see a number of various roulettes, you think you have a choice. But in reality, frankly speaking, roulettes, as well as poker or Blackjack, feel the same: here goes the table, rules seem alike and there’s actually nothing different from one variation to another. However, slots, even though they share the same concept, look and feel different. From a psychological perspective, choice gives us control. Control always allows to survive. Humans have to survive, that’s our major subconscious goal. And we want that control. Therefore we need that choice. Slots are designed to offer options. So the top reason in mind when people choose slots is the amount of control we get along.

Bonuses To Die For

Roulettes or other kinds of classic casino games have nothing to do with bonusing. You just go with the flow and stake to beat the casino. Slots work in opposite ways: you do not play for the sake of playing, you play to reveal something unusual and possibly lucrative. All these freespins, random features, gamble mini-games and stuff add much rewarding, so slots seem more interesting to stick to for a long time. And once you get a bonus and feel the rush of emotions, you want to experience it again.

Penny Stakes

Finally, slots are meant to be affordable. Some of them, of course, penetrate your wallet up to the bottom, but some allow to stake as little as one cent. Just imagine: you take just a couple of bucks, pick a machine, bet small but anyway have all opportunities to win big. That’s our greediness in work. People crave for free stuff, and ‌slot machine casino online in comparison to any other form of casino entertainment look just like a free attraction. Flexibility in staking intrinsic to most slot machines makes magic to our brains, and we cannot help but reach a machine. It is only the tip of the iceberg, though, but even these three features of slots are enough to understand why we get hooked so fast.

Top-Rated Casino Software

Nevertheless, not all slot machines make us go crazy. They have to be additionally beautiful, well-crafted, interesting to play and pleasant to watch. There are a lot of slot machines and manufacturers that craft them, but a small number of providers are actually able to deliver a consistent performance. That’s why if you want to get the maximum out of your casino experience, you have to be knowledgeable about software houses to pick only the best. There’s an extremely long list of decent companies in the industry, so we are going to get you acquainted to three absolute best to map out the road.

  1. Playtech – grandeur of innovation. With 300+ gaming entries in their catalogue, Playtech are considered top providers, especially when it comes to cinematic slots. This developer loves to expand the genre and seek for unusual setups, so 90% of their slots look nothing like others. If you enjoy comics, oh boy, Playtech are going to become your favorite.
  2. NetEnt – masters of gaming. These are guys who invent features and establish trends. Other game houses look up to NetEnt in terms of diversifying functionality. If your preferences include a huge one about breathtaking features, welcome to the world of NetEnt slots, each of those has a thing to offer.
  3. Red Tiger – hidden gem. Usually, Red Tiger can be seen outside the top ten, but that’s a bummer. Red Tiger and their unique view on the game is incomparable. Their powerful catalogue of greatly animated machines might be even better than Microgaming’s one, even though Red Tiger has a special thing for Oriental themes.

Practicing For The Future: How To Play And Win

Taking into consideration the variety, slot machines can be scary for newbies. Now when you know about good developers and things that make slots special, it is time to draw the final aspect: how to play them and win. So many people, so many minds, but there are really some tactics that are going to be your helping hand on the way to success.

Start with multi-lined machines. Classics is good, but highly volatile. The more lines you have, the more chances there are to catch a combination.

Look out for stakes. Multi-lined slots tend to have large bets, but some allow small wagers per round. When you pick a machine, always double check for minimums and try to find the lowest ones.

Be positive. At last, slots are random. You never know what they’re going to do the next moment. So keep your heads high and aspire to winning despite anything.