You may not have heard of Steam unless you’re an avid gamer. However, they are the world’s largest digital platform for video games, with over 100 million active users.

As you can imagine, with such a staggering number of users, gamers have a massive selection of games across a broad range of genres. Likewise, the depth of titles that are available covers a deep and wide range.

You can access various titles, ranging from classic video games to dozens of casino games. In addition, Steam provides a platform for a vast range of casino games in a land-based or digital casino that only hosts online gaming.

This article will discuss some of the best Steam casino games and why they are so popular among players. In reality, you can find dozens of games that could take your fancy on Steam. However, today we will only be focusing on two of these titles.

We will also look at how these games compare to other online casino options and what catches the attention of gamblers online to switch from specific providers to Steam Casino games.

Prominence Poker

From online slot machines, similar to the famous Megaways Slots, to free online blackjack and roulette, Steam has something for everyone. However, they offer an unmatched experience compared to many digital casino providers. One such example of this is the emergence of the game Prominence Poker.

Set in a gambling mecca of the fictional city of Prominence, you can set up your avatar and take to the casino tables to gamble against other players in this Steam casino game. The game’s purpose is to have a showdown with the Mayor of the crooked town.

You do so by completing several casino-based activities, such as participating in big tournaments set within the world and challenges set for your player to achieve.

The immersive nature of the game and engaging storyline serve as a much better alternative than a traditional casino game for many Steam players.

As the game focuses on one sole character, it is best enjoyed on your own. However, the game has many different modes, including multiplayer, which have been considered a big hit among gamblers. In addition to the gameplay, the variety of story modes is another driving force behind its popularity.

Casino Inc

Throughout the history of casinos, there has been plenty of rumored connections with the Mafia. When Vegas first began to spring up in the Nevada desert, mobsters looked to use the casinos to launder their illicit cash flow.

Regulation and increases in security now mean that this is no longer the case, but it is still something often cited in popular TV series and films.

Given that there are plenty of other games based around organized crime, it is a popular gaming area, and Casino Inc is a title that combines it with the popular features of casino gaming.

Casino Inc is set during the 1970s when the mob had a firm grasp of the industry. The game was initially designed 20 years ago and has gained a cult following via Steam. It is one of the oldest active casino games on the platform.

Unlike the last game we mentioned, you don’t just play casino games. Instead, it allows you to strategize the casino’s business model and bring in big spenders and names to generate profit, advertise, and invest successfully.

The game falls short of grappling with the mob, but it’s an exciting and fresh angle on casino gaming and opens up a new dynamic that is more focused on the storyline than specific types of games like poker or roulette.