If you’re fond of gaming, you need to have a phone that’s built for the purpose. There are a huge number of games — free as well as paid — to choose from these days but you must have a good screen and a long-lasting battery so that you can play comfortably and uninterrupted for a long time. Take a look at some of the best phones that are great for gaming:

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

These latest flagship offerings from Samsung are among the best when it comes to gaming right now. They both have large screens (5.8 and 6.2 inches in the S8 and S8 Plus, respectively). The resolution too is quite high – 2.960 x 1440 — so that you can view the game graphics clearly. They have high RAM and the processor is Snapdragon (Qualcomm) 835 or the Exynos 8895. The battery performance is good and both the phones have power saving modes.

If you’re a hard core gamer, you’d like the full screen display mode for games, and you could also buy the Gear VR from Samsung, to get a taste of VR gaming. After all, buying the latest phone should mean that you can experience the latest technology as well!

iPhone 7 Plus

This is one of the fastest chipsets from Apple, with CPU (quad core) coupled with iOS. iPhone 7 Plus offers HD 1080×1920 pixels LCD display and the Plus version of the phone has a bigger screen. With the iPhone 8 Plus out now, Apple has produced something even faster with lots of memory to let you play all the games you want. Also, a wide range of iPhone 8 Plus cases will let you protect your amazing phone in style. But the iPhone 7 plus, with 256 GB storage space, may be slightly better for gaming than the iPhone 8 plus.

HTC 10

With 5.2 inch touchscreen, Quad-core CPU, 4 GB RAM and Snapdragon 820, this phone is great for games, as the resolution too is 1440×2560 pixels. It has high touch response which is perfect for those games in which you have to be really quick. You can lock the screen during gameplay so that you don’t swipe accidentally, and use the boosting power to run the games smoothly.

Moto X Force

A shatterproof AMOLED 5.4 inch screen, 3 GB RAM, octa core and Snapdragon chipset gives this phone speed and efficiency. With a huge battery 3760mAh, Moto X Force is the phone for you if you are addicted to high-power games.

Huawei Nexus 6P

It’s cheap, has 3GB memory, octa core, Snapdragon processor, and a good resolution screen of 5.7 inches, it’s more of a tablet than a phone. With a 3450mAh battery, it’s one of the most affordable and good gaming phones available right now.

With high processing power, high resolution screens, and more features, these gaming phones can provide you with some serious game time. Choose the one which suits your budget and keep playing!