Not really enjoying playing games on your Windows 10? Is Windows showing slow video frame rates? Or is the audio or video choppy?

Whatever the reasons might be, here’s how you can improve gaming experience in Windows 10:

Check for Errors

Turn off all your programs. Click on start and go to the computer. Right-click on the hard disk drive. Click Properties > Tools. In the error checking area, press Check now. Select automatically fix file system errors. This will take you to scan for and attempt record for bad sectors. Click Start. Let your PC look for errors and fix them.

Enable Gaming Mode in Windows 10

Most users don’t know but they can enable gaming mode on their PC. To turn on gaming mode, press Windows key + I on your keyboard. This will take you to settings. Search for Game mode. Click on game mode and turn it on.

When you switch to gaming mode, you might not be able to use the features and resources from normal Windows. Gaming mode improves the frame rate. This will give you better audio and video quality.

Analyze Your Gaming Mode Setting

When you install games, some games are able to adjust the settings of your computer based on your computer’s configuration and performance. But if you manually change the game settings in your computer, it’s possible that your processor won’t be able to handle it. This will lead to poor gaming quality.

To avoid this, you need to adjust game setting one at a time. After making a setting, try over the changes to understand whether they are suitable for your computer. Otherwise, turn off the setting and try something else.

Install or Upgrade Your Graphics Card

If you play games often on your PC, the best solution is to install or upgrade your graphics card. Ask your PC technician for a good graphics card. Most PCs come with a pre-installed graphics card. Find out if you have one. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager.

This will show all the in-built devions in your computer. You can check for a graphics card here. Make sure your graphics card supports the gaming experience you require.

Multi-Player Games and Performance

When it comes to multi-player games, adding more players might lead to poor performance. If you want to improve performance, decrease the number of players in your game when setting up internet multiplayer games.

Disable Automatic Update and Restart

While we don’t recommend turning off automatic updates forever but disabling the function when playing a game can greatly improve your gaming experience. Otherwise, you might find yourself losing your game saves when Windows schedules an automatic restart after an update, without asking your permission.

Apart from this, when your computer is downloading updates, it will affect your network connection. You might experience glitches when playing.

To disable automatic updates, Press Windows key + I. Then search for update and security. Press Windows Update > Advanced Options > Update Options. Now press disables automatic updates. If you’re still having trouble check out

Adjust Visual Effects

When we talk about visual effects, we mean the appearance of your Windows 10. By default, the visual effects are set to impress. This means they may be taking good space on your RAM. You can adjust these settings so that your gaming experience is improved in comparison to the appearance of your Windows.

To do this, Press Windows key + I. Click on Properties. Go to Advanced system settings. You might have to give your administrator password before going into the advanced tab. Once there, click on Setting. Go to visual effects. Click on adjust for best performance. Click ok. Now go ahead and try out your game.

Install DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is a popular API tool by Microsoft, designed to enhance the Windows 10 gaming experience. It does this my supporting multiple CPU and GPU Cores, lowered power usage, improved graphical effects and high frame rate.

Check your version of DirectX before installing a new one. Press Windows key + R. Type in dxdiag on the run window and then press ok. This will take you to the Direct X diagnostic tool. In the system tab, you will be able to check your version of DirectX. DirectX 12 is the latest version and optimized for gaming experiences.

If you don’t have DirectX 12, press Windows key + I. Then go to update and security. Click on Windows update and check for updates. This will download the update to your computer.

Windows 10 is designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern gamer. That’s why these simple upgrades will really help you enjoy your favorite games.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help your improve your gaming experience in Windows 10. If you have any more questions, ask us in the comments below.