Success in marketing is all about making sure that you are getting a good ROI for your budget. There would be no point in throwing money at marketing channels that have almost zero ROI. Luckily, in this day and age of digital marketing, it is possible to track with accuracy the returns you get from different marketing channels. It’s even possible to predict what consumers want, and target them with ads that nudge them towards making a purchase. One of the tools that give companies an edge in marketing is call tracking. With call tracking solutions such as those provided by Avid track, it is possible to find out the marketing channels that bring in paying customers. Impressive, right? So how does call tracking work?

Well, without getting too much into its technicalities, all a business has to do is embed a piece of code into its website. Just do this and the technical work is done. From there, the algorithm tracks all calls coming in and out of your business lines. From these calls, the algorithm gives the business lots of useful information.

For starters, it analyzes the keywords that a person was searching for, just before they made a call to the company. This is powerful because it can help the business come up with better-targeted keywords. It can also help the business cut on the ad expenditures it makes to companies like Google and Facebook. That’s because, rather than pay for a multitude of keywords, a business only gets to pay for a few, but high-value keywords.

The call tracking algorithm also works by tracking the origin of calls for offline advertising. Most businesses do offline advertising through media like radio and television. But when using these channels simultaneously, how do you determine the one that brings in the most in most clients? With call tracking software, it is possible to analyze calls from these media, and focus advertising dollars on the one that has the highest ROI.

Tracking software also works by recording all conversations so that they can easily be retrieved with ease. It’s designed in such a way that you can also use it to answer emails and make calls from voicemail. This makes it powerful because it allows a business to keep in touch with its clients, which can help in driving sales. It can also help with better employee management. That’s because, it’s possible to monitor employees and their communication with customers. By doing this, you can tell which employees are rude to potential clients, and discipline them. Besides, when employees know that they are being monitored, they are likely to give their best in pushing the company’s best interests when handling client communication.

In essence, while the average business person may not fully understand the coding behind call tracking software, the concept makes lots of sense. Being able to identify the marketing channel that works best for your business and capitalizing on it is powerful. It can help you generate a significant ROI even when operating on a lean marketing budget.



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