Quinn is back in CastleVille and as you know, he is a man who likes to party, so he’s here to throw a celebration. Carnival Quinn is the name of the new mission series in the game (just three quests to complete), but I am sure you will have a great time completing these missions and welcoming Quinn back to CastleVille.

Here are the details about Carnival Quinn missions:

Make Way mission
– Store 10 things
– Harvest 5 grapes
Rewards: 750 Coins and 15 Xp

Pieces of Flare mission
– Purchase 5 Carnival themed Decorations
– Have 5 Red Feathers
Rewards: 500 Coins and 10 Xp

Getting A Head mission
– Have 5 Ogres Belch
– Gather 3 Pails of Water
– Have 2 Wool Thread
Rewards: 750 Coins, 15 Xp

A pretty easy mission series, as I said! Have fun completing it!