CompTIA 220-902 exam acts as the basis for establishing a career in the field of IT. The exam is the second step on the way to CompTIA A+ certification. Note, that you can book it only after completing 220-901 exam successfully.

Still, this article focuses on 220-902 exam which is meant to measure the appropriate skills for IT professionals at the entry-level.Passing CompTIA 220-902 exam will enable an individual to receive CompTIA A+ certification. The exam is also aimed to prove an individual’s ability to install and configure operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Apple OS X, iOS as well as Android.

Moreover, the examination includes contents related to operational procedures, security as well cloud computing fundamentals. It is advisable for the candidates waiting to take this exam to look for the excellent study resources such as books, series tutorials, videos, and practice questions among others in order for them to excel in their examination. It also advocated that those candidates who want to pass the CompTIA 220-902 examination should participate in hands-on practices that are relevant to this exam.

Exam Description
Every student interested in taking CompTIA 220-902 exam should first look for the objectives of this examination as they will guide him or her on how to study well in order to become a well-rounded examinee. The candidates for this exam should carry out intensive learning and implement all hands-on practices relevant to this exam so that they may increase their chances of achieving success in their examination.

The exam tests a wide range of skills useful in operational procedures, security issues, software troubleshooting, windows operating systems and other operating systems as well as procedures.

Target Audience
CompTIA 220-902 exam targets those individuals who are interested in joining the field of IT. The examination also targets LAN support specialists as well as current computer technicians who want to remain relevant in their careers.

Skills Tested
The skills tested in CompTIA exam are measured as per the following domains:

– Security (22 percent)
– Operational procedures (13 percent)
– Windows operating systems (29 percent)
– Software troubleshooting (24 percent)
– Other operating systems as well as technologies (12 percent)

The percentages represent the content of exam tested in each domain section. The domains represent the exam objectives.Individuals interested to seat this exam are advised to master how the percentage distribution has been done in each domain section. CompTIA 220-902 exam objectives can be accessed on the CompTIA website for any person who may be interested to know what they entail.

Series Tutorials and Training courses
Series tutorials as well training courses are very essential to the candidates who want to excel in CompTIA 220-902 exam. They comprise every detail necessary for an individual to pass the exam.

They provide candidates with impeccable knowledge and technical expertise necessary to pass the exam and helpful in real life. Training courses and series videos are available online. They are provided by different vendors but have similar content.

The candidates awaiting CompTIA 220-902 exam can use the above video tutorials as they cover the contents tested in the exam in a very detailed manner.

Prerequisites for the Exam
The individuals interested to take this exam should have an experience of at least nine months in the IT hands-on practices.

Each candidate preparing to seat CompTIA 220-902 exam should have covered all the topics available in the curriculum of this exam.

The candidates should get practice questions available for this exam in order to be aware of what they expect in their CompTIA 220-902 exam.

Benefits of CompTIA 220-902 Exam
CompTIA 220-902 exam is so popular because it acts as the foundation of an individual’s IT career. The exam enables individuals to receive CompTIAA+ certification which will earn them recognition in the IT industry and this may lead them to secure great jobs.

The exam ensures that an individual has gained hands-on training knowledge and experience in the IT field. The exam also benefits an individual in many other ways as he or she will be able to perform the following tasks:

– The candidates will be able to protect their PCs as well as networks.
– Individuals will have the capability to set up, upgrade as well as maintain Windows of all versions.
– The candidates will have the potential to configure and even secure mobile devices.
– Individuals will have the ability to implement virtualization technologies etc.

Tips to Pass CompTIA 220-902 Exam
In order for the candidates to pass CompTIA A+ Practice Test 220-902, they are advised to use the following techniques:

– Candidates should ensure they have a complete knowledge of all topics enshrined in the respective course for this exam.
– Individuals should acquire storage devices for storing learning materials and contents relevant to CompTIA 220-902 exam in order to be able to access the information any time they need.
– Candidates should avoid destructive activities which may impair the level of understanding the concepts tested in this exam.
– Individuals should ensure they participate in hands-on practices in order to get acquainted with what is likely to be tested in the exam.
– Candidates should read intensively in order to gain skills and knowledge necessary for them to pass the exam.
– Individuals should allocate sufficient time for carrying out their studies.
– An individual should set an exam target and apply the necessary efforts which will help him or her to achieve it.

CompTIA 220-902 Exam Questions
CompTIA 220-902 exam contains at most ninety questions. The exam questions are usually provided in multiple choices. The questions may require an individual to do them theoretically or practically.

Personal Experience of Passing CompTIA 220-902 Exam
Initially, I thought it will not be easy for me to achieve success in CompTIA 220-902 exam. But, I am very happy that I managed to score 836 marks in the exam. I utilized many study materials as possible and my efforts were able to bore the fruit of success. The exam dumps also helped me to pass the exam.

CompTIA 220-902 Exam Dumps
220-902 exam dumps can be the best alternative way of preparation for the exam. They usually have questions and answers covering all the exam objectives.

CompTIA 220-902 exam has a wide range of benefits after an individual has earned the relevant certification. It lays the foundation for those professionals who are willing to advance their knowledge and skills in the IT field. Candidates should ensure that they get the excellent studying materials which have the content covering the objectives of this exam and read them thoroughly in order to achieve success in the exam.

It is also important for those candidates to implement all the hands-on practices relevant to this exam in order to gain work experience which they will apply in their future careers.