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Gaming has been a big deal for decades. Thanks to rising global incomes, the ubiquity of the internet and access to suitable computing devices, there has never been a time when gaming has had more than right now. The industry has captured the hearts and minds of people across borders and age groups.

Still, there is a lot more to having a fun experience when gaming than just switching on your PC or console and then launching your favorite game. While gaming is a business and source of income for many, it is also important that each gaming session be fun and memorable. If gaming does not lift your spirits and get you into a positive mood, then you are less likely to continue playing.

Here are some valuable tips on making your gaming experience more enjoyable.

  • Try Out Cheat Codes

Now you could be taken aback by this suggestion. After all, cheat codes are inherently evil, right? Well, not quite. It is true that some gamers will deploy cheat codes to unlock so-called “God mode,” but aside from that, cheat codes can actually be a good thing.

Some game designs are too hard, thus making the transition to new levels unusually difficult. The lack of advancement can be bad for morale and cause you to abandon playing the game for good. By using cheat codes, you can overcome this barrier and continue enjoying the game. For example, if you are a fan of Saints Row 2, download this cheat table to get greater control of the game.

  • Comfort

You want to give undivided attention to the game. That will only be possible if you minimize the distractions around the game setup area. Then, make sure you have comfortable seating. The right chair will keep your seating position at its best, with your back well-supported.

If you find yourself constantly shifting in your seat, then you should think about getting a new chair. Gaming chairs are specifically designed for gaming comfort over long periods of time.

  • Move to an SSD

Screens sometimes take a while to load during game play, and this is not always avoidable. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to minimize load time. One of the fastest is switching your hard drive for an SSD.

SSDs are more reliable and much faster than standard hard drives. What’s more, they can be installed on PCs and the Xbox and PlayStation systems. In case you are reluctant to open your console, consider adding the SSD to a USB 3.0 enclosure to increase storage space. This could lead to a marginal improvement in loading time.

  • Get Better Sound

Game action occurs visually on your screen. But can you imagine playing with no sound? It would feel hollow. Sound is central to a good gaming experience. It makes the visuals and action more realistic and gets you immersed.

The default sound equipment and settings are acceptable, but a better gaming experience is deeply tied to better sound. Good speakers, a good headset and a surround sound system are nice places to start.

  • Faster Network Speed

Game performance depends on multiple factors including hardware, software and game configuration. For online games, you have to take network bandwidth into consideration as well.

A slow connection or network lags can create performance problems during play. Once you have ruled out issues with your wireless network card or the router, you may want to upgrade your network bandwidth.

  • Exercise

Irrespective of how enjoyable a game is, you are unlikely to maintain the same energy if you play for hours on end with no breaks. Your body will get sore from sitting in the same position.

Create regular breaks to stretch and exercise. Stretching helps release your muscles while keeping them strong, healthy and flexible. It also improves posture and reduces stress, both of which are helpful for extended gaming.

  • Play with Your Friends

Playing with someone else is more exciting than playing on your own. It can be especially enjoyable when the other person is a friend or family member. It helps enhance your social connections and creates memories you can talk about for years to come.

In addition, there is the benefit of observing and learning from others who may have a better understanding of that particular game. This improves your knowledge, skills and strategies.

Make Fun the Norm

Gaming should always be fun. Use these tips to ensure your experience is consistently enjoyable.