Computers are not cheap. Most people cannot afford a new computer and would gladly opt to upgrade their existing computer on a budget. Computer gaming is both exciting and relaxing. If you love gaming then learning how to upgrade your gaming setup on a budget/branded computer hardware such as the mouse is important. There are a few more tips to bear in mind if you wish to upgrade your computer on a budget.

Here are 5 tips for upgrading your computer on a budget

1. Clean up the computer

Dirt and too much data stored in the computer will definitely slow down your computer. The first step to upgrade your computer is to clean it up. You may start by streamlining the start-up menu. A good start would be to cut down the boot programs. You should also delete any programs, not in use. Secondly, clean the hardware including the fans to get rid of any dust. You may use rubbing alcohol for clean-up. Compressed Air can be used to clean the vents.

2. Upgrade from the traditional hard drive

This is the easiest and most effective way to upgrade your computer. You should consider installing SSD. This will enhance the performance of your computer starting with the boot times. Application launches and transferring files will also become faster with the installation of SSD.

3. Invest in high-quality computer parts

You will be looking at the computer monitor for several hours per day. It is therefore worth investing in a high-resolution display monitor. The same case applies to the mouse. This is especially so if you use the computer mainly for gaming. You will find affordable gaming mouse options online at Amazon. Opt for Logitech 300s, Corsair Harpoon or TechNet Hypetrak. You will find more options online. Do not forget to also upgrade the keyboard. You should opt for the latest mechanical keyboards. They are of better quality and you will enjoy working on them.

4. Change operating system

When changing the operating system, opt for systems that have a lighter footprint. Linux is a better operating system compared to Windows. A simple guide to installing Linux will enable you to install the operating system. This will make your computer faster. It is good to check out the software recommendations first before changing to a new operating system.

5. Regular checks for malware and virus

This should be a continuous process. Installing a high-quality anti-virus program is very important in order to prevent your computer from virus. It is possible to install malware programs unknowingly. That is why it is good to regularly run the anti-virus and malware scan programs. This way, you can easily detect and clean any virus or malware.

You should follow the guidelines on the installation of any new programs and also opt for the best hardware as per the reviews above in order to upgrade your computer. It is relatively cheaper to upgrade an old computer. Buying a new high-quality computer with the latest features is very expensive.