Battelefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

If you’ve ever thought Battlefield 2042 is difficult, don’t feel embarrassed – we’re also of the same opinion. This led us to spend some time in the game to discover favorable ways to play the game and hit wins. Luckily, we were able to compile some tips that will help you achieve great results in the game.

In this article, we’ve taken some time to compile all the tips we learned to help you make headway. Also, try these battlefield hacks for additional fortification to help you live longer while you dominate your opponents.

Tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042 every player should know

1. Practice will help you learn more

Even if you’ve been on BF 2042 for a couple of months, there are still some things you’d need to know if you must play the game well. You sure need to learn to use the different guns, specialist abilities, and attachments. In addition to all this, you need to get yourself familiar with the game’s mechanics.

There’s only one way you can go about this, and that’s practice. Spend some time playing solo matches. You can also set up matches against bots. In the bot matches, you have a more relaxed environment to play your games without endangering your team and your weapons.

2. Your selected weapons should be effective in different combat situations

Unlike many other games, Battlefield 2042 allows you to swap weapon attachments even in the middle of your game. The plus system makes it possible to switch between underbarrel, unlocked barrel, scope, etc. You can also switch the ammo attachments of your secondary and primary weapons.

This grants you the ability to adjust fine in any combat situation you find yourself in. To make use of the plus system, simply hold down the T button, and you’ll be allowed to access a set of attachments you can choose from.

3. Consider your bullet drop during long-distance combat

An interesting part of the game is what happens when you shoot at enemies over a far distance. For some reasons best understood by the game’s designer, you need to factor in the bullet drop when you’re sniping or using assault rifles.

This is how the bullet drop thing works: a Marksman, for example, will easily hit close-range targets. However, if you’re aiming at an enemy’s head afar off, you’ll most likely hit somewhere around the neck or chest region. To compensate for this, you should keep your crosshair a little above the head if you must successfully hit the head. Mind you; you only use this in Long-range combat.

4. Get a role in your team.

You don’t have to run around just doing anything in the game. In all you do, what should come first is helping your team achieve its objective. It should also earn you XPs. So, think of creative ways through which you can help your team achieve the objective.

You can help by providing ammo boxes for teammates on the frontline. You can also use repair tools to get your vehicles in shape. If your team members constantly get hit by a sniper somewhere out of sight, Daele’s Recon drone can be your best tool. This drone allows you to spot enemies on the map efficiently.

5. The objective comes first.

Irrespective of the number of kills you can single-handedly come up with, the objective is more important. Some of the objectives you might be faced with include capturing sectors of the battlefield or helping your team in a particular role.

So, if you’re coming from COD, where you’re rewarded for your shooting abilities or several kills, you’ll need some adjustments. Your surest way of getting those precious XPs in Battlefield 2042 is by playing in line with your team’s objective.


Many shooter games have different mechanics that you might need to drop when it comes to playing Battlefield 2042. The game requires a unique approach that requires you to help your team get to the objective. You should think of possible ways to help your team capture sectors or any other objective.

You also need to take some time to master your weapon’s recoil, as it contributes to your aiming. Lastly, stick with members of your team, and most importantly, don’t be a useless comrade.