Those who like the combat genre will have new releases to look forward to in the upcoming months in 2020. One of the early releases this year is Warzone of Call of Duty. This is a battle royale category, and many fans are looking forward to its release by early March. Of course, fans can also find their favourite themes in the form of casino games at different online casinos or gambling platforms.

About Warzone

The distributing platform is VGC whereas Raven Software and Infinity Ward are collaborating partners in its development. The game is highly anticipated. There has been much speculation over past weeks, especially as data has been released about Warzone and its discovery through the game files of Modern Warfare.


Many are anticipating that the title will be found here within a few days while VGC sources confirm that the release would happen by the early part of March. Usually, updates are found on the modern warfare platform on Tuesdays. It is likely that March 10th would be the release date of Warzone. Once the date is confirmed, Warzone will unlock for owners of the existing Modern Warfare software. Meanwhile you may play free games at https://slotsfans.com/casino/.There would be a grey menu item available as per sources from the US development team.

Features to look forward to:

  • The main highlighted mode, battle royale, will be released as a standalone game; this would be free, enabling players to buy an upgrade that would unlock the full version of the mother title, Modern Warfare.
  • There would be a unified progression between Modern Warfare and Warzone battle passes; there would be cosmetic unlocks that will exist in the mode called battle royale.
  • Marketing plans for Warzone begin towards the end of February; content creators are being invited to the North American studio to play and discover how the battle royale segment works.

Mobile Version

The series has had a successful mobile version called Activision. It is hoped that the mobile version of Warzone would also see similar success. It would bring players in the ecosystem of Call of Duty. This would be an engaging platform for them, along with content updates that will also offer monetization opportunities. Those who stopped or did not start the Call of Duty before can find Warzone as an accessible entry zone. They can then remain invested in the annual releases of the series.

Call of Duty battle royale, as well as the mobile version, will be free for playing. This mode would act as a third pillar next to the mobile version of Call of Duty. There would be future releases available at full prices which will also include a premier packaging of zombies and spec ops modes, multiplayer and campaign modes. There would be further releases by VGC Activision in the premium and mobile segments as well. These would be created under the Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch banners.

What to Expect from Battle Royale Call of Duty?

There is a rich history that lies behind the franchise of Call of Duty. Warzone would evolve and provide different sub-brand content for battle royale, outside of what is found with Modern Warfare.

Players can expect the following:

  • Warzone would parachute players onto a battle zone where there are others and buildings to loot.
  • The play area would decrease as is typical of this genre’ in certain cases there would be chemical gas that would force combatants to move into a restricted area for battle.
  • The title would be available for download for free or through Modern Warfare.
  • It would support about 200 players in a single battle scene along with squad-based formations.
  • Genre twists such as Killstreaks, Plunder would be included along with ping mechanics.

Disney Games Back in Popularity Zone

Disney’s attempt to find success with its different video games in the initial years had resulted in failure, but today many franchises are making it big. It seems that Disney’s letting control of their brands and games by other partners and franchises has become a business model of success.

Exceptions that Have Come Through

The trend started to reverse with Marvel’s Spider-Manbeing released in 2018 by Playstation 4. This has reached high levels of popularity in 2019 and continues to grow. Even Star Wars Jedi in 2019 has been a hit that gives a shoutout for Disney brands and characters.

It seems that though Disney’s own attempts in making it large in the business of video games did not work out well, it has started to see success since the time it has put many of its owned labels and brands into the hands of other game studios and developers. As Sean Shoptaw states, senior VP of interactive experiences and games at Disney, it has helped them tap into the creative skills of other brands and producers across the industry. Hence, most of its iconic sub-brands and characters like Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Disneyland, Star Wars and even ESPN are licensed out as valuable properties to different companies. Disney itself makes only a handful of mobile games, but it is mostly out of the business of big games.

Success with the New Business Model

This modus operandi seems to have worked since Disney’s several brands and characters remain strong in the development areas and end products of several game producers. As a result of which there is a lot of activity on PCs and PlayStations on titles related to Disney. There have been large successes with Marvel’s Spider-Man and Star Wars Jedi in recent years. However, much of that is contributed by different developers. For instance, Insomniac Games has a Star Wars title that has been sold for about 13 million copies for Playstation 4. They even have an original version of Star Wars that has been selling high and targets to reach about 10 million by the month of March.


There is much to look forward to in the world of video games. The genres are diverse, and so are the brands and producers. Variety ensures that players remain interested, and that is what this industry thrives upon. There is also a great demand for the favourite animation characters of Disney and today many producers are catering to this segment as well.