You might have noticed that new online gambling sites seem to pop up every other day. Canadian gambling legislation  is a bit tricky to understand but it is basically an open market for any casino to enter. With this comes many opportunities to cash in on the many bonus offers available at newly launched sites. These come in many different forms, since fresh online casinos doing their best to stand out in the crowd by offering something that players haven’t seen before. Terms and conditions can be hard to understand and all offers are not easy to decipher. If you are a seasoned player at online casinos in Canada, this probably won’t pose a problem since you know how the different bonuses work. If you don’t belong to this group, however, we hope that his guide can help you navigate through the muddy waters of casino bonuses. We will walk through the most common types of promotions offered at new online casinos in Canada, so that you can make the right decisions when claiming your next bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins are popular around the world and this is probably the most common type of offer at online casinos. Most new online casinos make sure to throw in some free spins with their welcome offer and offers containing this bonus are also common when it comes to bonuses for existing players. A free spin can be described as a free go at a slot machine, and since slots are the most popular type of game it’s only natural that players appreciate this bonus.

Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit match bonuses are very common, both in welcome offers and as bonuses targeted at existing players. Many new online casinos combine a deposit match bonus with some free spins to create an attractive welcome package for new players. The casino will match your deposited cash with bonus money which means you can play more without depositing. How much bonus money you will get depends entirely on how much you decide to deposit into your casino account.


A cashback bonus works a bit like the bonuses that many companies offer through their loyalty programs. Some offers available will give you a percentage of all your bets back, but this is mostly a perk just available to high rollers. At some casinos, though, all players can enjoy a more widely available type that will refund money only when the player loses money. If you end up losing money at the casino, you will get some of it back as a refund. The amount you will get back depends on how much you wager during a specific time period. 10% cashback on net losses can be found on most sites going with cashback as a way of attracting players, while some go even as high as 20%.

No Deposit Bonuses vs Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are extra attractive to online players as they don’t require a deposit. Instead, the gambling site will give away some type of bonus for completing some other action. In many cases all you have to do is to sign up at the casino and the offer will be available right away. This means you can start off with some free spins, or whatever is specified according to the offer, without risking any of your own money. The winnings you make will still be real money.



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