Data is power, which is especially true when the internet is dominating the lives of every individual. Unfortunately, though the internet has many bright sides to offer, it also has its darkness. Because it allows a lenient way of sharing data, there are many reports about the unauthorized use of data and breaches that are detrimental to a human person.

Hence, people have found a way to transmit data with security. Software developers created tools and platforms to encrypt PDF, which are the usual file formats transmitted over the internet. One can only open the said file if they have these two things: First, if they know the password set by the file owner, and second if they have the proper tool to unlock it.

PDFBear: The best unlocking tool on the web

When it comes to unlocking PDFs, PDFBear is the expert in that field. Not only does it Unlock PDF, but it can also convert files to different file formats. Furthermore, it uses the best technology there is on the internet—from encryption to decryption. The creators of this web-based page take their principle of offering convenience to consumers to heart.

Two-minutes conversion process

One of the features that PDFBear boasts is its capacity to perform the decryption process in a short period of time. The website’s creator understands that most consumers using the website do not have much luxury of time. Hence, they specifically created the website to perform in the speediest way possible, outshining even the high-paid converters.

Elementary-level website layout

Among the disappointing things of modern websites is their complicated nature—overwhelming buttons, excessive hyperlinks, etc. It is as if they have no regard for people who are not that well-versed with website exploration. Fortunately, PDFBear is a considerate website; hence, it ensures that any user can easily understand its layout.

Universally works with different platforms

Modern websites nowadays are not inclusive in terms of their readability. While they function seamlessly when run in a brand new laptop with the latest operating system and browser, it is not the same when to run in an obsolete one. The creators of PDFBear tested the website across platforms; hence, it can work seamlessly regardless of whether it is outdated or not.

Privacy Rights protection

As if things could not be better, PDFBear also ensures to protect the privacy rights of the users from any types of breaches and information misuse. To stand by this, they employ one of the most outstanding encryption tools on the internet to protect the uploaded files. They also make sure to delete all the files uploaded on the server an hour after the processing.

The decryption process uses cloud storage

This is one of the advantages of using a web-based converter like PDFBear compared to sticking with ridiculously expensive software. Software consumes your device’s storage and sacrifices its performance. With PDFBear, you would not be experiencing that since it uses cloud storage and not your device’s. To decrypt, you only need an internet connection.

How to unlock your PDF with PDFBear?

As mentioned, the process will only be in two minutes. If that is not enough manifestation for convenience, it only takes four steps to get the job done. For the first step, select the PDF file from your device to upload it on the server; you may also drag it on the toolbox. Enter the password for the second step. Passwords are usually combinations of letters and numbers.

Unlock the PDF button for the third step. For the fourth step, the website will start the decryption, and once it is done, you will be led to a download page where you can freely download the PDF version of your excel file. Other than that, there are also options for sharing. You may immediately send it via email or even share the link on social media.


The question “What is the most important thing in life” is sometimes responded with vague answers that do not seem to make sense when we are still young. However, as you grow old, you will realize that one of the most essential things in life, if not the most, is time. Because through it, all the other things—materialistic or not—are given more recognition.

It is the same reason why brilliant minds throughout history strived hard to create technology to ensure the efficient use of time. Hence, living in this modern-day, there are many options for convenience, and it is only up to us what we use for our disposal. So, if you are searching for a quick and easy way to unlock your PDF, PDFBear is the best option for you.