Files are accidentally lost from our computers through various ways such as through accidentally pressing the Delete key, corruption in the hard disk that are normally brought by malicious viruses or software bugs among many other causes. That is why you may probably have heard somewhere that it is important to always back up your data for easier recovery. However, using precious time to do something boring like that can be difficult to many especially when you know you can get free data recovery for pc in free software available online.

You can however still have earlier backed up your data but left out some files that did not catch your eyes, or your drive just failed before the daily, weekly or monthly backup. Whatever the case, there are plenty of hard drive data recovery software free that will help you save all the headache of figuring ways to find the lost data. By reading through you will find the right software to use and recover files from formatted hard drive free.

  1. Recoverit

If there is a free data recovery software that will deliver abundantly when trying to recover videos, photos, music, emails, documents among many other file formats, then it is Recoverit. Recoverit data recovery software provides a safe and quality retrieval of data that may be lost from your Personal Computer hard drive, external USB, external hard drives and many more other storage devices. In fact, all forms of storage devices with the file format of FAT32, exFART, FAT16 or NTFS are adequately supported here. And that is the reason why it is ranked the best free data recovery software here. The software is a good tool when you have lost important information that you want to recover as it runs smoothly and efficiently. It is a good idea to use this free data recovery software if you want to get back as much as possible.

  1. Recuva

The fact that Recuva is ranked a top free data recovery software will definitely not come as a big surprise to many. This software has a large number of loyal users because of its capability to recover files from both hard drives and memory cards, and also in iPod. Recuva achieves this by looking for data without any reference and thus be able to bring you back exact the same structure of your lost directory. You can also be able to rename two files with similar names while performing recovery using this software. Use of Recuva for hard drive data recovery software free will enable you to enjoy its simple interface as you will provided with a guide step by step with a wizard. There is also an added feature with Recuva in that you can be able to delete files completely if you do not wish to recover them ever again. You can get this drive recovery software free in multiple platforms online.

  • Minitool Partition Recovery

This best free hard drive recovery software is ideal for recovering files that has been lost in an entire partition rather than some few deleted files. With instructions as you go about the installation process, you will be able to avoid common problems that may jeopardize the installation process. Minitool Partition Recovery is the perfect windows and mac hard drive recovery software free and efficiently available for download. However, the software has a paid version also as you will learn since it has some few restricted features in the free version  such as being able to save only 1 GB of lost data and missing option of saving scan results. You can though continue on with using this software as it will help recover hard drive data free and faster.

  1. Disk Drill

If you are up and down looking for either an internal or external hard drive recovery software free for use then Disk Drill will not disappoint. It has proved to be ideal and efficient in its free data recovery software windows feature and also in free data recovery software mac feature. The software also includes a quick tutorial first time it is run to help you go about its use. The bad thing about this software is that you can only save 500MB of lost data in its free version.

  1. Stellar 360

Stellar 360 provides a stellar recovery for lost data making it be among the best for many operating systems such as when looking for free data recovery software for windows 10. This software is free with many available features to provide you with best free data recovery so that you can go on with your activities efficiently.

From the above mentioned free data recovery software, the ball is now on your side to choose the one that will the most suitable to help you recover your files efficiently.


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