Starship Battles is a freshly released arcade casual game for mobile devices created by Empty Flask Games. In this sci-fiction title, players can control several battle spaceships and engage violent fights against alien species. Exploring the most hidden places in the galaxy is an option, however harvesting minerals is the top priority, as they’re essential to create new unit forces, which guarantee players’ supremacy over other factions.

Starship Battles features a realistic 3D retina graphical system and a friendly and intuitive interface, which promotes re-playability. The game presents advanced 3D graphics with high resolution environments and detailed warships. Additionally, the gameplay is enchanted by simple and stimulating controls that facilitate the interaction and playability.

The company explained some of the major gameplay features, which include several warships, warpaints and infinite enemies:

Starship Battles offers five highly detailed ships, each with five War-Paints.  Additional ships will follow.  The game begins with the avatar mounting only one Frigate to defend the galaxy against an infinite force of relentless aliens.  The Cruiser, Destroyer, Battleship and Corvette wait to be purchased with minerals earned through game-play.  Victories and achievements are posted at Game Center through social media integration, lending another dimension to extend competitive game-play.

Pierre Roux, CEO and Founder of Empty Flask Games, stated: Starship Battle’s greatest strength lies in its simplicity and strong graphics. It’s a well-known and familiar game-play experience.“


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