Today, Internet users can meet advertisements of different virtual platforms everywhere. This indicates their excessive popularity, since it is not only fun entertainment, but also an excellent source of income, not only for players, but also for countries where this business is legalized. Each game resource offers hundreds of different online games that are used to be presented in ground-based gaming halls. Most players remember the first land-based casinos, where everyone could spend or win money and also feel real excitement. But not everyone knows where the first gambling appeared.

There are many versions of where the roulette or dice took its roots, but archaeologists and specialists know that card games appeared on the territory of Spain. History shows that the people of Spain have always had a penchant for gambling. The inhabitants of Spain made the first wooden cards in the middle of the 15th century. All Spaniards liked this entertainment, as they often played in special rooms and squares, attracting new players and ordinary viewers. The draw of the first Spanish lottery called “Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad” was held in early 1812.

It is worth noting that it is still popular in the country. Spain’s gambling business developed until the beginning of the twentieth century, but its scale was not that large. Later, the king signed the first law that prohibited any type of gambling entertainment in Spain. The situation changed when Juan Carlos de Bourbon took the throne in 1976. He changed the form of government and also made gambling legal throughout Spain. This reform has received the support of local residents who have always had a passion for gambling. The result of a lengthy discussion of the issue was the decision to ensure the legal regulation of the ground gambling. Since that day, the industry has been actively expanding and improving. In 1979, the first 19 casino operators received all necessary licenses.

They allvideoslots ES halls in resort areas to attract more tourists and increase Spain’s income. In 1985, Spain became part of the European Union, which had a positive effect on the further development of ground/virtual gambling. As a result, the number of gambling halls has increased several times. In 2011, several changes were made to the Spanish Gambling Act so that Spanish gambling complies with all European norms/laws. After 8 years, the Spaniards actively visit land-based gaming halls and regularly register in the systems of virtual casinos. Today, not all European countries are ready to accept changes and make online gambling legal, but Spain is an exception. Here, players can not only visit real casinos and sweepstakes, but also have fun in virtual casinos, which also accept gamers from other countries.

All licensed casinos in Spain offer at least a standard range of gambling. Catalogs include: popular slot machines; table games (Roulette, BlackJack, Baccarat, Poker, Pontoon) and lotteries, of course. But Spanish gambling also has a number of features or even limitations, so you should read this review to the end. It will tell you about all the nuances and available games.

Virtual gambling is a relatively new type of entertainment in Spain. But despite this, the government of the country does not limit its development, therefore it is so popular. Spaniards like to spend a lot of time in such gaming halls, as they have several advantages. For example, online casinos are available to players from Spain at any time. By the way, the Spaniards have always had a passion for online gambling, so they reacted positively to its legalization.

Today, Spanish online gambling is very popular among local players. Spaniards have access to dozens of different playgrounds. In addition, they can always visit offshore virtual casinos. Thus, the Spanish player has access to different types of online casinos, so we should consider them in more detail. “Classic” Casino This is the first type of virtual gaming halls that were available to players from Spain. This is a standard gaming portal that offers several categories of games and bonuses. Typically, a “classic” casino is available in a browser or flash version. By choosing the first option, gamers can play in any browser through any device.

In addition, the browser casino works quickly and without errors. At the same time, Spanish players also download flash versions of virtual casinos. Some gambling pads offer special add-ons that can be downloaded to a computer. So, online casinos will always be on your device, offering a very convenient gameplay. Live Casino Probably every Spaniard has heard this term at least once. This format of gambling pads appeared not so long ago, but it became very popular in Spain. The secret of such success is obvious; live online casinos offer customers to “forget” about ordinary video games. Now, they can move to the next level of digital technology and compete with real croupiers and experienced players. Thanks to modern technology, you can follow all the movements of opponents. The session is broadcast from a special studio that has all the necessary equipment. If you find a casino with a “Live” version, then you can be sure of the security of the gaming resource.