Smart home.

Here’s Why You Should Build a Smart Home This New Year

Our lives have been impacted by technology for a very long time. Some innovations survive, while others fade away after a while...
Man playing games with Augmented technology.

AR Technology in Online Casinos

We already have live dealer games that give us a sense of real-time action. They bring us into the casinos through mobile...
Instagram homepage.

Why Does Instagram use Your Geodata?

Facebook, Inc. owns Instagram, a social networking site for sharing images and videos. It was developed by Mike...
A boy playing games virtually.

The Future of VR Gaming

The Metaverse is a virtual world that exists above the real world. It is a digital representation of the world that can...
A woman with Augmented reality.

How to Implement an AR Strategy in Your Workplace

Augmented reality is a new and exciting technology at the cutting edge of innovation. It is set to disrupt a range of...
A VPN for websites and apps.

iTop VPN Best Features Worth Trying

Using a VPN is one way to unlock websites and apps that are not available in our area. In addition, a VPN can also secure our connection to the internet. This time we discuss one application with an interesting feature, namely iTop VPN.
A boy working on an ecommerce website.

A Guide to Running Student eCommerce Websites

The eCommerce market is exploding these days. According to stats, the global size of this market has crossed the point of 10...
Linebet’s App for Android

Download process of Linebet’s App for Android

Linebet App Android Review Linebet is an online bookmaker providing Indian players with top-notch betting opportunity for betting on...
youtube intro

Here’s How to Make a Youtube Intro and Outro Template For Gaming Videos

As you may know, youtube has been one of those social media platforms which are widely used by many people. It is...
A colorful high tech educational toy.

6 Ways High-Tech Toys Will Benefit Your Child

How much can a child benefit from interacting with high-tech toys? Let's look into six benefits of high-tech toys for kids.

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