I am a huge Call Of Duty fan who has been playing COD for years and a lot has changed past the years, even the Create A Class system and the new one in Black Ops 2 annoys many people because it restricts you to pick only 10 Items to go in your Class. Luckily Unigamesity’s detailed guides are here to help you make the best Sub Machine Gun Class to date to make your class the best it can be. (Note: you need to have your PDW max level and to be level 55 to use all the items in this class).

Lets start of with obviously The Gun, this selection is your preference, everybody has guns they like and guns they don’t like but with this Class we will be using the PDW, this is unlocked at the very early levels so you will be able to use this gun quick. Use the primary gunfighter wildcard so you will be able to use 3 Attachments.

As the Attachments put on a Silencer, Laser Sight and Fast Mag. The Silencer helps a lot since when you shoot, enemies will not be able to see you on the map, The Laser Sight is a lot like steady aim in MW3 except they made it a Attachment in Black Ops 2, this makes your hipfire much better which is very good for the PDW. Last but not least the Fast Mag makes you reload faster.

As Perk 1 use Ghost, this is the heart of the Class because when enemy UAVs are up in the air they cannot find you on the minimap at all. This is vital since in Black Ops 2 many of the players run UAVs.

As Perk 2 use Scavenger, this can help you when you are going to go for the big score streaks since it will refill your ammo and your Lethal (if you have a Lethal). For example you just kill someone and your ammo is out, no problem if you have scavenger – just walk over their dead body and your ammo and Lethal will be refilled.

As Perk 3 use Dexterity, this makes you aim down faster which can aid you in gunfights and give you a better chance on winning it.

As your Lethal Use a C4 and as your Tactical use a Concussion, the C4 is used to kill enemies when you detonate it when they are close, the Concussion is used to make your enemies slower and make it harder for them to aim for a period of time.

I hope this guide helped you get your classes 2 steps forward than your enemies that you will encounter in the world of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, if this guide helped you we will be releasing more for every gun type in Black Ops 2.



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