PDF format files have become an essential format for every individual, for businesses, or for students. It is a commonly used format if they wish to send or receive information smoothly. Some people may not like files in PDF format because of how complicated it can sometimes be, but it is now a universal file format.

Also, the problems you may encounter in a PDF are usually because of its large file size. For example, you may have a problem with sending or receiving it. And it may delay the upload or transfer of files or your work. Large file sizes can also take a lot of memory space from your PC or hard drive. However, you can quickly fix that with the help of a tool or software that can compress files, primarily PDFs, easily. So here are some efficient and helpful tools to assist you in managing your PDF file.


PDFBear deserves to be the first on the list because it is the best when handling PDF files. It is currently the leading online-based software to this day. It has many features; it can convert, merge, split, compress, or even add page numbers to PDF without any problem. Furthermore, it provides superb service to all users. Aside from all the good things aforementioned, PDFBear is accessible to any platform available. And as long as your device is connected with a stable internet connection, anywhere you are, you can access the PDFBear.

If you worry about your files’ security, PDFBear will automatically remove all of your uploaded data in their server after an hour if you are done with what you are doing. It has respect for the user’s files; that is why it is the best software online. You will never worry about your files if they might get corrupted or stolen.

With the use of PDFBear’s compression tool, it will save a lot of your time. Thanks to its fast and efficient system, you only have to do a few clicks, and your work is done. In addition, you only have to wait while it processes the PDF file, and it will immediately let you download the compressed file.


Similar to PDFBear, this online software can also offer great quality functions that you can use to manage your PDFs. Users can compress, convert, combine, or even add numbers to the pages of their PDF files. GogoPDF can be accessed through a personal computer or mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. If you wish to convert your files to other formats, the process will be done without compromising the quality of those documents.

GogoPDF will also erase any data uploaded to its server after 60 minutes. This process will help users keep their documents confidential and private.

Cvision PDF Compression Software

Another user-friendly and reliable tool for your PDF is Cvision. It has an incredible compression tool that is perfect for you. If you compress PDF files with high-quality, it guarantees that the file will not lose its original quality and details. Once you open the software, you can see that its interface is straightforward and will not have a hard time working with it.

The developers also ensured that when a user utilizes Cvision they will be free from the hassle of looking for the available options since you can quickly see them. It also features a batch compression process, which will save your time in reducing tons of large-sized PDFs.

Cisdem Online PDF Compressor

Cisdem is also a pretty user-friendly PDF compressor. However, unlike other software like PDFBear that is accessible to many platforms, Cisdem is only available for MAC users. Even so, it still offers a compression process that not all tools can do. It can compress multiple PDFs simultaneously, and it will not jeopardize the quality of the files even after the compression.

It also offers fast, simple, and easy compression. With that, even if you are a first-time user of this software, you will not have any difficulty once you use it. You only have to do a few clicks to perform the process, and all your files are done. In addition, you can now share your data with others or download them to your personal computer.


Although you can find plenty of PDF handling software online, only a few can give an excellent quality of service. Reducing the file size is the best way if ever you want to upload or send your files quickly to someone. So in case you need one, we recommend that you make use of the PDFBear.