electrical distribution

Low voltage electrical distribution products include devices such as molded case circuit breakers, panel boards, switches, and busways that are responsible for switching electrical power as well as protecting electrical circuits. Amongst the many options, some of the top featured low voltage electrical distribution products are mentioned below. We will highlight the common features and product benefits in this article.

Some Common features Of Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Products are mentioned below:

  • Can handle up to 20 modules and 1 bus coupler
  • Manages motors and electrical loads up to 80 A
  • Easy replacement of single devices
  • Full connectivity over fieldbus eliminates the need for control and the auxiliary wiring
  • Digitized adjustments and settings
  • Integrated cybersecurity

TeSys Island

TeSys Island is crafted to protect, switch, and manage electrical loads up to 80amp in an electrical control panel and makes for one of the best load management solutions for low voltage electrical distribution systems.

It is a digital load management solution that makes the machines reliable. It also gives users remote access to predictive as well as preventive application data that allows early detection and makes maintenance easy. It also helps reduce the machine’s time to market, enabling OEMs to grow in the industry.

The object-oriented approach, followed by TeSys Island, automates engineering tasks such as application selection and system configuration. Simultaneously, it also reduces the machine installation phase, making it more efficient.

In addition to these features, TeSys Island also supports automation fieldbuses as Modbus TCP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and PROFIBUS. It is seamlessly integrated with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Machine Expert that can be easily integrated into third-party automation systems.


  • Efficient: TeSys Island is an efficient and intuitive system that simplifies the engineering of machines and reduces time-to-market.
  • Online Motor Control Configuration: Reduced number of Inputs and Output modules for control while eliminating the need for auxiliary wiring. You can now select an electro-mechanical device without any expertise.
  • Reduced machine stoppage time: Embedded functions and SD cards allow faster device replacement and authorization of spare parts with the help of QR codes, thereby reducing the machine stoppage time.
  • Data Provider: TeSys Island provides valuable data that allows the end-user to make informed decisions. It is also able to reduce machine stoppages as well as machine downtime with the help of pre-alarms. With the help of Predictive Alarms, users are more equipped with the latest application status and ability to make appropriate decisions to avoid machine downtime.

MasterPact MTZ

MasterPact MTZ is a low voltage electrical distribution product that combines the power of scalability, connectivity, and durability to provide improved energy efficiency as well as power uptime. It is designed to incorporate the latest technologies that offer smart IoT circuit breakers to build intuitive and advanced power distribution systems.

The advanced technology used in MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers help prepare you for the changing world of power distribution. They come equipped with unique features that you need to streamline all the stages of your project.


  • Easy upgrade: Get the same thermal properties, footprint, and power connection when you update to MasterPact MTZ with many additional benefits.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate seamlessly with the help of embedded Ethernet connection.
  • Simplified application: Thanks to its integration with EcoStruxure Power Commission Software, it is now easy to simplify commissioning and maintenance.
  • Easy customization: Upgrade and customize anytime with digital modules.
  • Sustainable: Environment-friendly solution gives you total control over the environmental impact of the equipment. Additionally, it is compliant with all the international regulations to make it safe for use today and tomorrow.
  • Smart connectivity: Allows permanent data monitoring of your equipment, energy efficiency, and power quality management through digital services.

EcoStruxure™ Power Systems

EcoStruxure Power provides a more secure, reliable, and effective power for both peace of mind and considerable financial benefits. This Internet of Things (IoT) enabled future-proof power solution can be custom-made to meet your precise requirements and simply deliver seamless operations.

Such digitized Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) solutions are powered by the latest technological innovations, enabling improved connectivity, real-time operations, and intelligent analytics.


  • Leverage IoT to enhance power distribution
  • Receive actionable insights from the facility
  • 20% more average energy and maintenance cost savings
  • Increased reliability and operational efficiency

If the options have left you confused, it is advised that you contact a licensed electrical professional and discuss your requirements with them. They can offer you the right guidance and help you make an informed decision!