Hot! How to Get More FarmVille Neighbors without Spamming?

farmville-neighbors010!IMPORTANT! Before going to get new neighbors or request new neighbors, make sure to check out the number 1 FarmVille guide (click the link to get the guide) that will help you get the most of the game without all the trouble you are forced to go through nowadays!

A couple of days ago I wrote about the addiction I have developed towards Zynga’s Facebook game, FarmVille. Since then, I have spent tons of time thinking about the game and I realized that one of the most important factors to have a successful and nice farm in FarmVille is the number of neighbors – the more the merrier. But how to get more FarmVille neighbors if your friends don’t play the game? Well, I have a few answers for you below:

The first and most important thing in getting more neighbors in FarmVille is to make sure that all your friends receive an invite from you but NOT MORE. You wouldn’t want to drive them mad spamming them with invites, right?

If your own friends are not enough, there are always other options. For example, simply post a link to your Facebook profile in the comment section below, saying that you agree to add other Facebook users as friends in order to make them FarmVille neighbors. This is certainly a guaranteed way to gain more friends and expand your farm, but please do not try to spam the Unigamesity either!

Also, you can try and visit the official FarmVille forums and clicking the “Finding neighbors” sub-forum. You will probably need to register an account there in order to post and request neighbors, so in the end posting your link here on Unigamesity and checking back regularly might be the easiest way to do so.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, and tell them do the same with their friends. This way, we’ll be able to create a huge FarmVille community here and become the best virtual farmers in the world!


  1. I am looking for a few friends to be my neighbor and help out with some of the items i need for quests. I really enjoy this and play on a daily basis and will be glad to help out with anyone who needs items as well.

    Here is a link to my profile.


  2. need fv neighbours…..

  3. Add me on Farmville! Always send gifts and help my neighbors. I play everday!

  4. love to meet new FarmVille neighbors. <3 <3 <3

  5. hi i am shravanthi i need farm ville friends to take them to english land plzz add me

  6. Hi there

    I also need much more neighbors =)

    THX A LOT :)

  7. I would love to have more Farmville neighbors!

  8. I need more neighbours in Farmville

  9. Laurie,
    Either your still playing and still looking for neighbors or you have given up. If your still playing, I’ll be happy to be your neighbor. You can contact me directly by:

  10. Really need farmville neighbors. If you gift daily, share your items, really love to “work” on your FV, please contact me at the link below. When making a friend request, mention FV.

    I gift daily, play daily, share everything….

    Gammyrobertson @

  11. Michelle harrison

    Level 16…looking for new neighbors to expand,send and receive gifts…


    Add a daily player looking to get more neighbors to upgrade farm….Just leave a message saying anything about farmville in the friend request and ill add you asap!

  13. please friend request me i need to expand farm will send many gifts

  14. add me as a neighbor on farmville i need neighbors :)

  15. I play farmville everyday and send gifts to my friends, please add me

  16. here is my profile

    lets be neighbours!

  17. I love to play FV and its always nice te have and help new neighbors.
    I’m also a daily player, so if u want to add me your always welcome ;)

  18. If you want to be added to neighbors,we must have a way to contact you by putting it in the message:
    This makes it easier to go to your home page to send a request.
    Go to your profile and copy the heading at the top…

  19. People are free to add me, I post and gift regulary and play everyday :)

  20. hallo,

    i just need some neighbors in farmville

    be free to add

  21. Starting to play Farmville, please become my neighbor!

  22. I need more farmville neighbors

  23. needing farmville neighbors who actually play please add me..

  24. Hi, i have been playing farmville for awhile, but am getting to a point where I can’t go much further w/o neighbors or spending alot of money….please add. I play every day.

  25. Hi, I’m beginning farmer in FV please add me to your neighbours.

  26. looking for farmville neighbors, please add me

  27. i need more neighbors. getting back into farmville. need help with lighthouse cove.

  28. Hi I could do with some face book freinds that play farmville. its nice to be able to pop over to other farms send gifts etc.

  29. You can add me as a friend!

    I’m completely addicted!!

  30. Please add me!!!!!/profile.php?id=100002994491848

    I am brand new, but I’m addicted! I was working my mother’s for a while so I know exactly what to do!!

  31. Please add me. I am on at least once a day and more on the weekends.


  32. Hey I just got into farmville and it looks like most of my friends arent playing. lame!

  33. Hi, really need neighbours so i can expand my land, i give presents whenever i’m on, however i’m not a very frequent farmville peron, i go on once very two to three days?
    Please add me as your neighbour thanks

  34. im have started to play the game and aad mee

  35. I need neighbors please. Trying to learn and I send gifts when I have them.

  36. I often gift and help out all of my FarmVille Neighbors! I will add as many facebook users as I can so Please Add Me! Thank you!!/Little.Angel.Dawn

  37. I’m looking for Farmvill neighbors. I accepts ALL requests. and i play Daily. Please add me.

  38. I’m looking for farmville neighbors. I accept all friend requests, and I play daily. I fertilize all of my neighbors daily and I gift regularly. Please Add me. Thanks

  39. Add me please!!!

  40. Add me please !! need FV neighbors!

  41. Please add me..iam looking for FV neighbors!!


  42. Need more farmville neighbors! Please add, or send me a request! Thanks

  43. karen padgett-slater

    I need farmville neighbors in order to do expansions. If you’re an avid Farmville player and want another neighbor, please send me a request.

  44. Hi, i need neighbors, please add me!
    I accept all friend requests and always send gifts back :)


    Plz add me.. Daily player

  46. Looking to add more neighbors – at most times – I play Farmville at least twice a day – regularlly 3 times – I like to keep it all simple – I add you as a friend, so I can place you on my Farmville wall – serious farmers only – “please”.

  47. add me please

  48. Please add me…daily player, very helpful level 100+

  49. I check my FV multiple times daily and send gifts as often as possible, looking for other people who love sending building parts. Add me plz

  50. Hi Jennifer, feel free to add myself as a farmville friend if you wish :)

  51. Hello, I would LOOOOve some new neighbors!!!


    Please add me! Level 60! Daily Player! Need Friends ASAP!

  53. Happy New Year Farmers,

    Send me a neighbor request at
    and I will add you and anyone else who needs a farmville neighbor.

    God Bless, Vanessa

  54. in need of FV friends.. TY!!

  55. add me please, just made a new fb and need farmville friends.

  56. plz need farfmville neighbours ….. soon !!

  57. i need farmville neighbours plz i would really appeciate it thank u so much

  58. I cant get into family farm at all. Please fix. Thank you

  59. Don’t ask for friend requests then tell FB you don’t know the person making the request, that’s just foolish!

  60. I need more neighbors on farmville, please add me! I play everyday. always post, complete help requests, and send gifts daily. Thank you!!!

  61. Aloha~ I couldn’t pm you after friend add request so here’s a few notes from me ( )

    I Added you to groups: Farmville, Pioneer Trail, Words, Mafia, Slots. If you wish not to get feed from any of these please pm me and I will remove you from group. After requested removal you may get an occasional post as when a timed mission is running out I will sometimes blast request to ‘Public” so that all receive. I play other FB games…let me know if you have others you need friend help in. I take special requests via PM for daily/special needs: Pioneer Trail, & Mafia, (most send a general ‘I like/need daily’ as I gift daily on these). One-off pm’s for any game I have installed on FB are always welcomed as I don’t check all daily but will respond for a special request as I appreciate the reciprocation (in particular when its a timed request). Thanks and happy gaming!

  62. I would really love some Farmville neighbors,,, So Please Please ADD ME…

  63. I just started playing, I would love some neighbours!
    Please send me a message first though so I know you’re from this webpage :)



    I play everyday, and I will send gifts and help with tasks, if you will return the favor.

  66. I am definitely looking for more neighbor on farmville right now. Please come be my neighbor. My profile links is

  67. I need more Farmville neighbors… Please add me…:)

  68. John Anthony Pereira

    I agree to add other Facebook users as friends in order to make them FarmVille neighbors.

  69. Need neighbors for my new farm ! You can add me :) I am a daily player

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