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How to Fix Metro 2033 Black Screen & Crashes


metro2033Some players are reporting problems when trying to run the hot new Metro 2033 that has just been released. From crashes to the desktop to a black screen that makes the shooter unplayable, we’ll try to help you fix the Metro 2033 problems and let you enjoy this great game!

First of all, before trying anything, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Metro 2033 and also make sure that you have the latest drivers installed. If this doesn’t fix your problems, there might be other solutions.

1. First of all, most of the users report on the forums that they get a black screen when they try to launch the game. This might be a DirectX related problem which can be fixed if you turn DX to 10. Here’s how to do it:

Browse to your this folder in your Steam path: Steam\userdata\(user id)\43110\remote (With your own user id.) In that folder you should find the Metro user.cfg file that the steam cloud saves locally. Open it and change the fullscreen value to off, then save the file.

Completely quit and restart Steam.exe so it grabs the updates from the user.cfg, and launch Metro. It should launch in windowed mode. Go to the options menu, and change the Direct X value to 10, accept and quit.

Open the user.cfg file again, and change the fullscreen value back to on. Completely restart Steam again and launch the game.

2. If the tech-suggested trick doesn’t work or you get the black screen after you use Alt+Tab to switch from a window to another, you might wish to try Alt+Tab a couple more times and wait just a little bit – the game should start.

3. If the game keeps crashing, try searching for the file content.upk0 in the game’s install folder and rename it then restart the game.

I hope that any of these solutions will help you fix the Metro 2033 problems you encounter. Please let us know if you have any other problems with the game or if you managed to find a fix of your own!


  1. Posted by Gabriel Mar 18, 2010
    for those who are still having a black screen go on c:\users\your-user\appdata\local\a4 games\metro 2033 there will be a user.cfg open it and change 'r_fullscreen' from on to off be happy :)
  2. Posted by multimolti Mar 19, 2010
    Hi! I have the fullscreen issue and changing r_fullscreen to off doesn't help! It still launches in fullscreen mode. I even tried changing it to 0, but the same thing here. Any ideas?
  3. Posted by FuZZero Mar 19, 2010
    @ multimolti Same problem; one thing tho, what is your specs, OS ?
  4. Posted by multimolti Mar 19, 2010
    i found a solution for my problem! metro wont start when you have more than 1 screen connected... so i needed to disconnect 2 of my 3 screens, then the game worked nicely! thanks anyway.
    • Posted by Leon Jun 05, 2012
      so how to disconnect it??
  5. Posted by karanovicz Mar 20, 2010
    I just disconnect from internet and working fine to me :)
  6. Posted by dziob Mar 21, 2010
    i tried it and it works like a charm :)
  7. Posted by NaDiMaC Mar 23, 2010
    In my case after the video, the screen goes black I worked right the first time intaling but by changing the language to Spanish started to leave the black screen.
  8. Posted by Laggboxx Apr 03, 2010
    I am also doing dual screen. Redoing the config didn't work BUT as multimolti said. Unplug so you just have one screen. then it works :D
  9. Posted by duncan Apr 04, 2010
    hi metro worked perfectly until i got 2 the depot mission,after u crash in the trolley car the screen sort of splitsin half,bottom half black,top half is the sky .ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT,thanks
  10. Posted by Ypseph Apr 11, 2010
    Herro, I have done the start prologue level where you get surrounded by the dark ones. When I get to 8 days earlier when hunter comes in, I fight the battle and when all of the dark ones have gone it doesn't start the cut scene that I have seen in video walkthroughs. Can anyone help me?
  11. Posted by skalaibitol Apr 18, 2010
    For black screen with sound (one CRT only): Type DXDIAG in the run bar then go to the last tab -> override and select 60Hz (or whatever your monitor can do) After that in game Options>Graphics>1650x1080 > overide OFF Solved my problem :)
  12. Posted by tom Apr 29, 2010
    about the dual screen, thats not true with 2 screens , i got dual screen and i only got the black screen, changed it to full off , changed directx and it works like a charm
  13. Posted by G` May 05, 2010
    I had the same problem, it turned out that when I upgraded my video drivers, my second monitor was set at 30Hz. Changed it to 60Hz and every thing is great. Thanks skalaititol, even thought your suggestion is wrong, it did lead me to looking had the refresh rate on both monitors. We can all thank Nvidia for setting us back a couple hours with their stupid default setting.
  14. Posted by Doris Willis May 07, 2010
    Hi, I,ve had Metro 2033 since it came out (about 6 weeks ago. I cover the reqiments but still never played the game. Please help. I took it to Best Buy and contacted THQ and Steam with no answer.--
  15. Posted by Doris Willis May 08, 2010
    I have the same problem it isn't on your list the game reads (unavaible) on startup. I cover all the specs and have a good enough video card. I can't remove or go around this unavaible error, I can't report it they don't respond. Please Help.
  16. Posted by !?£?! May 12, 2010
    i could use some help, i switched from directX 9 to directX 10, inside the game. and it told me to restart so i did but now when i try to start it up, the screen is black and i can hear sound but after a few second it crash, so please help me if any 1 can
  17. Posted by Noah May 19, 2010
    My game fails to launch if I don't have speakers or headphones plugged in. After plugging in speakers, the crash went away. Hopefully, they release a patch for these issues.
  18. Posted by tw34kfr34k May 25, 2010
    i tried changing subtitle language to dutch and it crashed.. now it wont even start up anymore so i cant revert it to english :( anyone know how to get around this? i tried to reinstall but didnt help i have all the needed drivers,the game worked great until i changed language so i just need a way to change the language outside of the game
  19. Posted by sam Jun 15, 2010
    after run it shows executable problem?wht solution.................
    • Posted by NZRaj Jun 21, 2010
      Delete user.cfg file in the metro 2033 directory and install everything which is present in the \Metro 2033\Install folder...I Hope it will help you.
  20. Posted by King-PC-Gamer Jun 17, 2010
    When I start Metro It gave Me error update your nvidia driver after when I update driver they don't show error but give me dont send error Show desktop page
    • Posted by NZRaj Jun 21, 2010
      Just install everything which is present in the \Metro 2033\Install folder... Hope it will help you.
  21. Posted by blueballs 1953 Jul 31, 2010
    any solution to problem in DEPOT..I crash crawl out from the trolley and c 1/2 screen with blue sky and clouds and bottom 1/2 is drk blue...c my gun..can reload and shoot but cann't move any wear..restart from checkpoint and I get same
    • Posted by ahmed Sep 15, 2010
      just lower your graphics and play the mission from the start it will do the trick.
    • Posted by ahmed Sep 18, 2010
      fist of all lower your graphics (from dx 10 to dx9 and so on)after that play the mission from the start .it will help :-)
  22. Posted by Mieliekop Aug 19, 2010
    The game worked perfectly until I reached ch 5, then the game just crashed, tried loading it again, and played to ch5 again but still crashes! Does anyone have a solution?
  23. Posted by theonlyone Aug 19, 2010
    looking for help with mission DEPOT.crashed,crawled and my sourroundings are only black and clounds.i can target shot etc.saw someone too had same problem,help would be appreciated.
  24. Posted by theone Aug 26, 2010
    i have the same problem with mission depot crashed,crawled and my sourroundings are black and clouds. i can target and shot etc saw someone too had the same problem please help.
  25. Posted by gowrisankar Sep 01, 2010
    one day my metro crashed suddenly.since then it has been crashing at the same place of the game:on the title video.what should i do?
  26. Posted by Hildaro Sep 07, 2010
    any solution for sky bug in the depot?
  27. Posted by ahmed Sep 15, 2010
    hi,go to video and lower your graphics to low and dx10 to dx9 after that play the mission from begining and it will run fine till end .after this misson you can restore your previous graphic settings .enjoy :-)
  28. Posted by sankaran Sep 29, 2010
    the game works fine until the end of the lost catacombs,, but it crashes during loading of the market,, i have tried several times but everytime all the early stages works fine but it crashes at the loading of market.. help plzzzz
  29. Posted by Guilherme Oct 01, 2010
    hey thanks man :D ur information was very useful thanks :D
  30. Posted by elior Oct 27, 2010
    metro shows me the intro but in new game goes blackscreen i did what u suggest and none not working for me and i have dx11 and full specs what is the prob???
  31. Posted by Acwel Dec 23, 2010
    so i get a crash after the nazi trolley firefight...YES i have tried lowering graphics, ive tried updating all my drivers, turning full screen off, turning duel monitors off nothing worked.......
  32. Posted by asd Feb 22, 2011
    me too dont work metro 2033 i have installed all driver in install folder im using no steam i get not respoding message what i need to if thier is no folder called a4 games c:\users\your-user\appdata\local\a4 games\metro 2033 my gpu ATI radeon x800 gto 256
  33. Posted by vince Mar 03, 2011
    I think I found the solution to the random crashes. When i have my setting to medium or higher, it will crashed. But when I have my setting to low, the game is playable. I dont think the resolution makes a different but the details setting. I have a 9800gtx and dont think it will not run the game.
  34. Posted by gristi May 15, 2011
    thanks,it works for me....
  35. Posted by IZZI25 Jul 22, 2011
    Hi there...Dunno how to fix this problem!!! I've tried alot of ways to fix it, and I'm no stranger in these kind of things. When I enter the game, the default screen resolution is at 1680x1050, after I try to change it to 1024/768 monitor says it's out of range...I've tried editig user.cfg and frontline.cfg..still no chages at all. Did anyone fixed this other ways?...thank you
  36. Posted by Misha Aug 06, 2011
    hey guys! I play to chapter 4: depot, carriages overturned after I crashed into the distance and can not do anything! I restarted the game is still so! Help me!
  37. Posted by anukool Aug 19, 2011
    @duncan: i have same problem
  38. Posted by anukool Aug 19, 2011
    @misha dnt crouch after pavel is picked up by one of dos monsters nd try keepin low resolution
  39. Posted by Neshane Sep 12, 2011
    Dear Skalaibitol thanks for the advice with changing the resolution of the dx rendering itself, made my weekend. You genius! The new vga cable I had cause tonnes of issues with refresh rates, not anymore :)
  40. Posted by Joe metalrock Oct 07, 2011
    Hi it's verry simple to fix this probleme: have the last updat for your graphic card and Search the file who named (content.upk0)in the instal folder and rename what ever you want it that fixed for me :) system requament 2G ram nvida 9400 GT or hight
  41. Posted by Leon Jun 05, 2012
    when i start metro 2033 there's the intro for a while then is black screen then is shows " Metro 2033 Executable has stopped working " how to fix? :( P.S : Sorry for my bad english :P