Complete List of CityVille Collections and Rewards

CityVille has debuted last week with tons of goodies, including a huge list of collections that we can complete and trade in for… well, other goodies! Therefore, I have decided to create and share with you a complete list of CityVille collections, the collectibles required for completing it, as well as the rewards you get for trading in these CityVille Collections. Enjoy!

Peaceful Living Collection
Collectibles: EZ chair, Folding table, Garden gnome, Bird house, Radio
Trade in reward: White Picket Fence

Suburbia Collection
Collectibles: Tennis rackets, Loveseat, Vacuum, Red Wagon, Computer
Reward: Red dog house

Main Street Collection
Collectibles: CD player, House plant, Coffee machine, Mini birds, Desk fan
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

City Life Collection
Collectibles: Satellite Dish, Laptop, Robot Vacuum, Microwave, Bean bag
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

Rural Collection
Collectibles: Fireplace, Leather couch, Quilt, BBQ, Dining table
Reward: 25 goods, 3 XP

High Society Collection
Collectibles: Crystal chandelier, Chess set, Iron gate, Marble bust, Bird fountain
Reward: Driveway gate

Down Town Collection
Collectibles: Mini fridge, Hot tub, Television, Air conditioner, Sofa bed
Reward: Tavern

Jet Setter Collection
Collectibles: Golf clubs, LCD TV, Waterbed, Treadmill, Massage chair
Reward: Tuxedo rental

Just Desserts Collection
Collectibles: Cupcake, Danish, Cookie, Pie, Milk
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

Garden Collection
Collectibles: Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips, Daisies
Reward: Purple flowers

Early Riser Collection
Collectibles: Coffee, Cream, Sugar, Doughnut, Latte
Reward: 50 goods, 3 energy

Game Collection
Collectibles: Handheld game, Game console, Comic books, Board games, Toy robot
Reward: 50 coins, 3 energy

Fast Food Collection
Collectibles: Chicken strips, Cheeseburger, French fries, Soda, Ketchup
Reward: Gray hen

Comfort Food Collection
Collectibles: Pancakes, Eggs and toast, Bacon, Buffalo wings, Mac and cheese
Reward: Hot Dog cart

Forever Young Collection
Collectibles: Lipstick, Hair brush, Loofa, Compact, Nail clippers
Reward: Pink flowers

Watering Hole Collection
Collectibles: Jukebox, Pretzels, Dartboard, Bar stool, Pool table
Reward: 3 energy, 3 XP

Fitness Collection
Collectibles: Sports drink, Bike helmet, Cross trainers, Bike bump, U lock
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

Designer Collection
Collectibles: Purse, Designer shades, High heels, Boots, Clutch
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

French Cuisine Collection
Collectibles: Fromage, Baguette, Beret, Croissant, French flag
Reward: Bird fountain

Surf and Turf Collection
Collectibles: Filet mignon, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Oysters
Reward: Black cow

Asian Cuisine Collection
Collectibles: Tea pot, Take out box, Fortune cookies, Chopsticks, Egg rolls
Reward: Japanese maple tree

Bridal Collection
Collectibles: Tuxedo, Tiara, Wedding dress, Wedding cake topper, Engagement ring
Reward: Newlywed house

Silver Screen Collection
Collectibles: Popcorn, Movie ticket, Giant pretzel, 3D glasses, Hot Dog
Reward: Highway billboard

Convenience Store Collection
Collectibles: Bottled water, Bag of ice, Candy bar, Potato chips, Chewing gum
Reward: 3 energy, 3 XP

Corn Collection
Collectibles: Grits, Cornbread, Corn fritters, Corn chowder, Corn on the cobb
Reward: White goat

Strawberry Collection
Collectibles: Strawberry shortcake, Strawberry jam, Chocolate covered strawberries, Strawberry smoothie, Strawberry lemonade
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

Watermelon Collection
Collectibles: Watermelon ice cream, Watermelon juice, Watermelon bubblegum, Watermelon slushy, Watermelon jellybeans
Reward: 25 goods, 3 XP

Pumpkin Collection
Collectibles: Pumpkin seeds, Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin juice, Jack o’ lantern
Reward: 3 energy, 3xp

Carrot Collection
Collectibles: Carrot cake, Carrot salad, Carrot soup, Baby carrots, Carrot sticks
Reward: Gray bunny

Wheat Collection
Collectibles: Flour, Crackers, Muffin, Pasta, Biscuits
Reward: White chicken

Eggplant Collection
Collectibles: Eggplant parmesea, Baba ghanoush, Stuffed eggplant, Ratatouille, Grilled eggplant
Reward: 50 coins, 3 XP

Pea Collection
Collectibles: Peas with carrots, Splitpea soup, Baby food, Edamame, Fried rice
Reward: Corner store

Good luck in your quest to complete all these CityVille collections!


  1. Will be very helpful if it can be pointed out what buildings when collecting rent will yield the items.

  2. i agree with Eric. The information posted is easily obtained by clicking on the collections tab. Could you expand your information by finding what buildings go to each collection and what actions (if it matters) make the rarer pieces come up?

  3. I am also looking for a list of buildings and which collectibles you can find at each one. Does anyone know which houses give the “Down Town Collection”? I have the mini-fridge, but don’t know which house it came from. Thanks!

  4. @ oompje: I think hot dogs and lemonade will come from the burger joint and cinema. Beware though– if you get hot dogs, hang onto them! You will need them later for a mission where you have to have two of them, and it is hard to finish! Wait until you complete that mission before trading in your collection with those.

  5. P.S. It’s the “feed the fans” mission.

  6. Where can I get the pie collectible? I can’t get it from the bakery. Like seriously! :(

  7. @Zel – it comes from the bakery, that’s the only place. I built three bakeries, lined them up, and collected them over and over until getting the pie to complete that mission.

    Also, try putting out a request to your friends, and add it to your wishlist. Someone will likely just give you one to get that mission over with. I’d send you one even, if your friends can’t!

  8. i need a pie too!! I’ve built three bakeries but i just keep getting danish over and over, ive got like 23 now

  9. Does anybody have a biscuit, muffin, tv, treadmill, and sofa. I will send anything you need. ty

  10. @ Tina & Alex: You have to somehow provide a way for us to add you first as a facebook friend and then as a cityville neighbor before anyone can send you anything!

  11. I want the Newlywed House from the Bridal Collection. What do I need to do? Where does the collection come from?

  12. Why are the rewards so terrible? I lot of work to put in for a measely 1 xp or 200 coins……

  13. Purchase the bridal shop when u complete the bridal collection u will receive the Newlywed House

  14. What I need to know if what triggers the Jet Set Collection, I want the Tux Rental Shop.

  15. ou trouver les 3 BD dans le jeux city ville merci

  16. Collection jeu

  17. this doesnt help it tells u which collections but not how to get them for example which business do u get oysters from?

  18. Yeah, where do get oysters?

  19. me too, wonder why nobody has answered?

  20. Daniel Wigglesworth


    Jet Setter Collection (for tuxedo rental business) comes from skyscraper condos, penthouse tower, and glass condos.

    Pie collectible does come from the bakery but it’s hard to get. You might get 25 to 60 danishes first.

    Down Town Collection (for tavern business) comes from Upscale condos, Hotel Suites, and the Bed and Breakfast (B&B is from having valentines day cards from 50 different friends).

    Oysters are from Seafood Restaurants or Tower Eats.

    Hot dogs come from Cinemas.

    Please add me as a facebook friend if you want me as a CityVille neighbor.

    My image is a smiling yellow star.

  21. I need 2 movie tickets for a goal and wont come out i have like 6 tavern collectible and like 3 corner market collectibles

  22. i have to get items from the comfort food colletion, but what do i collect from to acquire these items
    thanks :)

  23. Comfort food is from the diners I believe! :)

  24. pls help me get 3 cd player collection. i alreay have loft aprments and stylish but can’t get 1.

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